Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Fishing Trips

I always liked this eulogy (see below) and as I read it again today, I realized something. On his death bed, Rudy invited Dr. Meeker on a fishing trip.

I got to thinking about Rudy and his love of going on a fishing trip with a pal, a buddy, someone he wanted to converse with and know more. He wanted to sit and cast his line into the water and hang out with a friend. 

So it seems more evidence he loved to go fishing and considered it an honorable and enjoyable thing to do with comrades.

It really emphasized to me, how sad it is that Rudy's love of a fishing trip has been contorted into something farcical and false. Of course I am referring to the innuendo ridden accounts of his fishing trip with Andre Daven. The fishing trip with Daven imo was the same gesture as it was with the invite for Dr. Meeker; something Rudy enjoyed doing with a comrade.

If Rudy had lived and Dr. Meeker accepted the invitation to that fishing trip... oh let's say to Florida...would this also be presented as a sex-fueled orgy between Rudy and Dr. Meeker by those ever projecting porn fantasists/serial liars? How absurd.

It would have been an honor to be invited to go fishing with Valentino. It sure seems he considered it an honor.

I do not have a date or citation for this one:


  1. That is a touching write up. His soul contract was that he would be here for only a little while. But ohhhhhh, the lives he touched exponentially. A lovely man and a remarkable life.

  2. The plan for the fishing trip with Dr. Meeker that never came to be is poignant. Valentino realized that a fishing outing with Natacha (or any of the women in his life for that matter) was going to be a hard sell, and he naturally sought the companionship of male friends for this particular pastime. Leider’s groundless insinuations about Valentino’s fishing trip with Daven are sloppy and, no doubt, would have been highly offensive to Valentino.

  3. I think the mere fact that, while in the dying process, Rudy asked Dr. Meeker on a date proves that he was in for a secret gay tryst with the good doctor! Maybe they will take this idea and use it to add an extra chapter to their "Proof That Rudy Was Gay" fiction!

  4. Like any normal person, every once in a while, Valentino needed to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing vacation. Fishing was a pleasurable activity for him. Leave it to the creeps to take an ordinary fishing and hunting excursion and turn it into a secret tryst. Contrary to this unsubstantiated rumor spread by Dark Lover and its disciples, Valentino's fishing trip after making Cobra was no secret at all. Not only was it mentioned by magazines and newspapers at the time, but he and Daven were not "alone." Photos were made of them on this vacation in Florida, so the idea of a top secret romantic rendezvous is a joke. Still waiting on the evidence...

    1. Correction. I meant "after making Monsieur Beaucaire."