Saturday, February 19, 2022

On the Subject of Letters


  1. I enjoyed this podcast!

  2. What a moving story. One does not read too often of this benevolent and humble side of Rudy, probably because of his desire to keep these kind-hearted gestures a secret. I am reminded of Rudy's Christmas visit to the Italian hospital in London, where he played Santa for the sick children. He also wanted this magnanimous deed to remain hidden from the public.
    Question for Evelyn and Renato: Do you know who the American friend of Rudy's was who showed him the letter? Any ideas? Thank you for your tenacious research that unearthed this letter, Renato!

    1. No idea who that could be. But something to ponder. I think this was a great discovery by Renato and nicely translated too! He has found many new things still undiscovered in foreign archives. It is a great story and I also loved how Rudy made a point of seeing them while in France.

  3. I would surmise that the friend of the letter writer probably had a Russian background? Or someone from the Balkans?