Monday, July 5, 2021

Working Hard to Bring the Truth to Light

What pathos that David Bret/Kim Edelman/Albert Morris feels compelled to post his daily negativity designed to attack and smear when he does not dare use the name of his target and while revealing a complete lack of knowledge of what was said. In this house there are no “so-called fans”, no “gargoyles”, no “widows” and only respectful people who work hard to bring the truth to light about a beloved historical character.

David Bret does everything possible to ruin the legacy of any of his targets and this includes Rudolph Valentino. But is not the greater issue to address the following... why do the administrators of We Never Forget and Mad About the Boy allow him to roam freely in their groups as Kim Edelman and Albert Morris? In this I hold them complicit for this endless horror and debasing of Valentino.

They all insult and soil the memory of Rudolph Valentino with their disgusting and obvious alliances and their tacit support of David Bret.

Maybe instead of tweeting his cryptic messages based on his utter confusion and wickedness, David Bret could make better use of his time. He still has yet to pay one dollar on the damages awarded to me in the defamation lawsuit I won against him.