Tuesday, July 27, 2021

"...Until You See The Whites of Their Eyes"

I do not remember who sent me these fabulous photos of Ms. DeSaulles. (see below) I think they say the world about this lady. The first one with the chin up... the word "haughty" comes to mind. Not so lovable for me.

In the second photo she looks rather vacuous I think and if you look carefully you can see the whites of her eyes under her pupils. Someone told me once that this was a sign of someone capable of evil. Seemed reasonable. 

She did get away with cold blooded murder and trashed the reputation of her victim in the process. Perhaps these two photos belie her true nature and she might have been acting the badass part with her furs.

I think she was the woman who nearly ended things for Valentino before he began in America. For me she was either a calculating bitch or incredibly stupid... maybe a little of both? She lured Valentino to get her divorce, used him as a lover in the absence of her husband and proceeded to do so with mind-boggling recklessness. 

Alberto claimed Blanca DeSaulles was Rudolph's true love. I dispute that.