Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Pallbearer

For years David Bret has attempted feebly to perpetuate his absolute hoax claiming Andre Daven was Valentino's “Greatest Love” and one of his points made is that Daven was in New York after Valentino's death and was a pall bearer. We proved this was completely false, Daven was not in New York and the person he was identifying as Daven was in fact Michael Romano. (see video clip below)

Romano was a close friend of Valentino, best man at the Crown Point wedding and it was Romano who published My Private Diary. Renato addresses Romano's input in the diary in his fine and definitive analysis of My Private Diary in our new book, The Rudolph Valentino Case Files.

The entire absurdity of the Bret fabrication about Daven and Valentino has been addressed by our research in the new book and may also be read here:

Renato made this little clip (see below) to show Romano as pallbearer, walking in front of the esteemed godfather Frank Mennillo. To me this shows how far Bret went to create his hoax and how incredibly easy it was to disprove it all. Considering what really happened between Valentino and Daven, it would have been 100% impossible for Daven to have even been allowed to attend Valentino's funeral.

As a point of historical fact.... this pallbearer was not Andre Daven and in fact was Michael Romano.