Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Extending Some Good Will

*someone sent me a very sweet message which accidently was deleted. If you send it again I will post! My apologies.

July 13th and it is my birthday. This year I turn a tender 73. Wheee? Wtf?

As this year rolls around, I have to say I feel like the luckiest woman alive. After a lifetime of hardship, genuine struggle and tragedy, my friend Michael Morris took me to Turin in 2009 and introduced me to his friend Renato. And for that I am eternally blessed. Better late than never I say! How fated and fortunate!

Renato made me my birthday dinner last evening; a tender steak which was grilled rare to perfection with some brussels sprouts, a green salad dressed in the finest Italian way with just olive oil and salt, bread fresh from the oven, a great chianti and for dessert some tiny almond cookies from Tuscany.

And a new bottle of Meletti was opened. I share this with you my friends so you can enjoy the festivities with us and I extend this good will even to you hecklers out there too... you sad sacks you just need more wine... and make it some good Italian reds. 

Some pics of the evening. (All of the below is highly recommended)

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