Thursday, July 15, 2021

Those "Stories"

One thing in Italian culture I have an issue with is the word they use for “affair”... they call it a “story”. A man will say, “I had a story”... My problem with this is that it trivializes infidelity and makes it some sort of natural occurrence. They are not cheating or unfaithful but merely having a “story” with another woman. This is still the reality and I exclude my dear husband for god's sake.

But Valentino back in the day... was he just having many “stories” with these women? And Mae Murray comes to mind. This, if any of them, was a “story”. That passionate and lusty kiss she shared with Rudolph in the parking lot after the boxing matches. The kiss which left George Ullman standing alone in that parking lot wondering how he would get home. Mae, in my opinion, was a “story”.

Natacha wrote in that letter which is included in the Baltasar Cue book, “one woman or a hundred” and she lays it out as clear as day. Rudolph was having many “stories”.

I may be stepping on some toes here and if so I apologize.... men and women in Italy have their “stories” and move on. No big deal. In a land where, until very recently, divorce was nearly impossible... marriages were often for social acceptance and the sex life of the spouses was a different issue entirely.

I once stood in an elevator with a friend of Renato's who was a nurse in a pulmonary department in a hospital. Renato needed the xrays and she expedited it. She was the mistress of his friend and his sister-in-law. As an American this was outrageous but on we went. We can not judge Rudolph Valentino based on our cultural mores.

Mae Murray was a “story” and I will say Pola was also. Not serious contenders for the throne of #valentinosqueen but chapters in the grander narrative which would make Mr. Valentino known as “The Great Lover”.

In regards to my previous post about the date of Maria Guglielmi Strada's death:

I suggested someone pass the information along to the family that she died on July 25, 1969. As Donna Hill added she believed Maria “passed in 1961-1962” she might want to be informed also. According to Donna Hill, Maria had some form of lingering death which transpired over a two year period? Maybe she might want to read the work of Professor Aurelio Miccoli. Even if she bans our books, she might want to read the books... maybe on the sly.


  1. I suspect there were a lot more actresses of the era who were Valentino "stories" besides Murray and Negri. As Cue states, there were countless woman who "disputed the honor of being intimate with him." The actresses who claim Rudy was only a big brother type who cooked spaghetti for them and played Santa Claus on demand doth protest too much. Who are they trying to fool, besides their future husbands?

  2. Cultural or not cultural, cheating îs cheating and carousing îs carousing.I Wonder if it ever crossed his mind that his unhapiness în his love life might come from him cheating on the women (I found IT quite Hypocritical that he got so angry with Natacha when she cheated on him, most likely as a revenge for his multiple affairs. Or maybe I suppose its because of all of these that he became known as The great lover.

  3. Thank you for pointing out the cultural differences in foreign countries regarding affairs. I knew that but needed to be reminded of it as I forget and tend to Americanize Rudy to a high degree. The cultural norms one grows up with has everything to do with it. He certainly didn't like it when Natacha had her fling! That stung! Good for her. She was way ahead of her time.

  4. It's funny that when I think of the early twentieth century I tend to assume that people weren't having sex unless married. It's still a surprise to realize that, yes, there were women willing to go there.