Monday, July 26, 2021

"As Believers In Fair Play..."

Natacha Rambova was not universally hated and she had her support. (see below) Whenever I hear people bashing her to the rocks today, I just think they are sexist, misogynistic and jealous. If ever there was a point in Valentino's history to place within historical context it is the banishment of Natacha Rambova from Valentino's business. 

The one person who did support Natacha and the Valentino marriage was George Ullman. Until I brought forth those court records it was not known that Ullman funded Natacha's movie What Price Beauty. Ullman put his own money up to make her movie happen. He also accompanied her to New York after the separation, secured a talent agent for her and sought a distributor for the movie for a few years after Valentino's death. 

Those who try to portray Ullman as some calculating villain in the Valentino marriage are missing one huge point; Valentino paid Ullman's paycheck and it was not the other way around. The people who actually tried to control Valentino were the people who paid his paycheck as that is the way that works. Ullman had a family to support and in this he was a serious provider. I think there is a great deal to realize in Natacha's play, "All That Glitters". There was no animosity or the meekest hint of resentment towards her Ullman character in the play... quite the opposite.  #rudolphvalentinosqueen 

From Photoplay Magazine, April 1926 and the Michael Morris' archive: 

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