Saturday, July 24, 2021

"What About Those Gray Ledgers..."

For years, “they” accused me of forging all the court records I discovered. Incredibly, they continued to say this despite my sharing the location of the publicly housed documents. Because their defamatory lies and collective refusal to publicly deny I forged documents, many unquestioning people traipsed along believing this was true.

My husband Renato and I published a book of the documents of the Rudolph Valentino court records as a companion guide for Affairs Valentino. Yet there was no public outcry by these people as they continued to imply, directly accuse and defame me.

Now the bottom line in this story is that Tracy Terhune eventually said he knew the records existed and that he had seen them (the stolen case file) in the hands of three Valentino memorabilia collectors. Cindy Martin (under her nefarious alias of “Dark Mum”) still directly accused me of forging the documents and confronted me on my Tumblr account by demanding, “What about those Gray Ledgers you say you have?”

I always clarified I recovered official court copies filed in the California Appeals Court Library. I also made it perfectly clear that I did not have all of the original file and that this file is, according to two credible sources... in the hands of collectors and the Alberto Valentino family.

Of course I did not and could never have forged over a thousand pages of Rudolph Valentino's probate court file. It is absurd to accuse me of knowing or even having access to all of the information contained within. It was all just a desperate strategy to ruin our business and bury the book.

Here follows a few pages from the “Gray Book” which served as the Falcon Lair household ledger dating from January 1926 to August 1926. All of these records were subpoenaed for a court-ordered audit which found all of executor George Ullman's books in perfect order.