Saturday, July 31, 2021

Another Striking Resemblance?

George Ullman referred to the men who fancied themselves Rudolph Valentino dopplegangers as the “applicants”. I always found that to the point. They were indeed applying for Valentino's job. No need to rehash them all but I had to be sure this gentleman was on the long list.

The news broke on February 1, 1929 along with the dramatic photo of the plaintiff being wheeled into the court room, his ruined legs outstretched. Joseph Kashioff could have been a contender to the throne of Valentino had he not been crushed between two buses on Coney Island.

In this article (see below) it is reported that Joseph Kashioff arrived in court with lawyers who were armed for battle with photos of Kashioff dressed in the costumes of Valentino's movies.

According to the report, the case “dwindled” and even though I love a good romp through court archives I am not about to take this one any further. But wow those two characters behind Khasioff....

Renato said, "Ma che povero!" ... "poor guy!"...hearing this story. I guess a career that could have been. 


  1. Damn. Poor guys is right. I wonder whatever happened to him. He was handsome but from what I see in that photo he doesn't hold a candle to Rudy. Also, I guess they didn't have wheelchair access in place in 1929 as it looks like they are having to help the chair get over steps.

  2. It would be interesting to find out what happened to Mr. Kashioff. Did he regain the use of his legs? Did those movie impresarios come through to create Don Rodalito? While he is a pale imitation of the original, Kashioff does look more like Valentino than other, more well known applicants.