Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Ask Them Why

So without a bit of admission that Ullman has been lied about for decades as initiated by Alberto Valentino, Terhune and Constable forge forward to abuse this poor man even more with their innuendo ridden crap.

I have yet to hear either of these BS artists respond to the fact that the insane amount of money Ullman owed the Valentino estate was money he advanced in good faith to Alberto, etc. They smear a man who was the victim of a horrendous miscarriage of justice and in doing so both Terhune and Constable reveal they ignore the court records... (which although stolen have been seen by Terhune in the hands of three collectors)... Terhune and Constable ignore the facts contained in those court records which not only reveal the outrageous attacks by Alberto Valentino on Ullman over the years as being false...they also reveal George's incredible performance as executor, his complete exoneration and praise from the appeals court judge.

Any attempts by Terhune or Constable to further insult Ullman will be seen as efforts to ingratiate themselves with the Alberto Valentino family and will be met by a flurry of facts directly from the court records.

Meanwhile why don't they use their time to research something valuable and interesting and contribute more than ludicrous character assassinations only to attack me. Alberto cried for decades how he never got a penny but he managed to actually get nearly a million dollars by today's exchange rate and then he attempted to have Ullman pay him the same money a second time.

Maybe Simone C. could ask the Valentino family to let him read the stolen case file as last I heard they took possession of it from Jim Craig as Donna Hill and Bill Self (in writing) told me... and in exchange for one of Rudy's shirts.

As Simon Constable has done in the past, he finds tidbits he takes out of context and then “implies” what he wants it to be. Another one of his smarmy patchwork work ups.

The last thing the Valentino world needs is someone like Simon Constable pounding the drums of war for Alberto Valentino when the truth is already out there. You see, I did not forge those records and they were stolen for a reason. Mr. Constable why don't you investigate where those records are now and why they were stolen and by whom. 

I invite them to tell the story of those stolen documents which 100% vindicate Ullman. The whole story and leave nothing out. Maybe Tracy Terhune can begin by naming all the collectors he knows who had them and explaining why they are still not available to the public?  Maybe they could ask Jeanine Villalobos why she did not return that case file to its proper housing? 

In my opinion neither of these men act as heroes and they are doing this only because I found the truth. To everyone else I say ask these two men why this is a priority for them.