Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Re: "The Ultimate Tease"

Some time ago I spoke about how Michael Morris always sought to have access to Natacha Rambova's letters to Valentino written at the time of their separation. He was frustrated over this and I read one of those letters in the podcast we made about Michael. Sadly the discovery of this letter for me came along a few years after Michael passed away. Today in sorting through his e-mails to me, I found this mention and thought I would share. He is referring to William Self, Valentino memorabilia collector when he says, "He was the ultimate tease..."

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  1. It's heartrending that such an intensely private and emotional letter from Natacha to her husband has been pilfered and pawed by so many nefarious characters who are not worthy to touch any of her belongings. Morris was right. That letter, along with Rambova's other personal possessions, should be returned to her estate, not stockpiled and hoarded by these professional teasers.