Monday, July 5, 2021

Lining Up Some New Truths

Rudolph Valentino had such a tragically short life while being bullied during that short life. And now his legacy, his very history is held hostage by bullies. He is so victimized currently by these tyrannical people. No matter how awful it gets for Renato and I we are happy to bring forth truth about this eternally maligned person.

For I think that as much as he is adored, revered even, appreciated and all of the above... he is also asea in a vast ocean of innuendo and lies. The bullshit artists are having at him.

Now one of these people would be bad enough but imagine... they somehow found each other and formed a “team”. An actual “team” of awful. Incredibly they did call themselves that for years. Poor Rudy. He now has a “team” trashing his truth...

A “team” of spies, liars, thieves and greedy merchants.

FYI "team": Being bad is not so attractive or witty and it gets awfully boring. 


  1. I believe The administrators of most of these pages dont know exactly Who these People are, especially if they are using aliases, just like I didnt know about them until I read your posts or listened to The podcasts. I think most People on these pages are just Rudy'a fans and enjoy The pictures and posts about him, without knowing about The Back stage hatred and innuendos. They do not know and also probably ignoring all these innuendos and bad things happening behind The scene, which în a way is a good thing.


    1. I am sure some administrators of Valentino pages do not know about these aliases but I can say that the administrators of Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget sure do. I am also sure, as you mentioned, most people in those two groups are there for the pictures of Valentino, etc. but it is not a covert act how the administrators of those two groups act in unison to banish the mention of our work, my name or even the mention of our work in the course of a discussion. Simon Constable posts a banner telling followers the name “Evelyn Zumaya” is not permitted, Tracy Terhune deletes an entire thread just recently where “Affairs Valentino” was mentioned, Eleanor Gribbin tells someone asking about my work that it is just the “ravings of a mad woman”. This is censorship, and boycott of the highest order and for me never a good thing at all for anyone. My husband Renato and I work extremely hard to have these people run their “campaign to ruin Evelyn” as they call it. Of course I do not blame people who do not know what these two groups are really about, but that is why I expose it because it is a tremendously unacceptable situation.

  2. With a few decent exceptions, the administrators of these forums know exactly who These People are, because they are These People!

  3. The thing to keep in mind about the forums is that they are ultimately crashing disappointments for all concerned, including the moderators. Although they have grand ambitions, the moderators get no traction because almost 100% of the forum activity consists of the same three or four individuals salivating over Valentino’s photos and film clips. Case in point: the Mad About You moderator recently posted that he allegedly discovered a legal deposition given by Valentino in 1920. Despite his pinning of the post and ostentatiously fishing for interest and compliments, it sank like a lead balloon. Not even the heavy handed endorsement of the memorial MC (who urged his followers to embrace the discovery by “putting on their thinking caps” - just goes to show how little he esteems their intelligence) succeeded in breathing life into the post. Mr. Mad can’t get arrested. It must be brutal to experience such complete and public rejection. Not even Emily Leider, a member of his forum, gave a toss.