Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Lining Up Some New Truths

Rudolph Valentino had such a tragically short life while being bullied during that short life. And now his legacy, his very history is held hostage by bullies. He is so victimized currently by these tyrannical people. No matter how awful it gets for Renato and I we are happy to bring forth truth about this eternally maligned person.

For I think that as much as he is adored, revered even, appreciated and all of the above... he is also asea in a vast ocean of innuendo and lies. The bullshit artists are having at him.

Now one of these people would be bad enough but imagine... they somehow found each other and formed a “team”. An actual “team” of awful. Incredibly they did call themselves that for years. Poor Rudy. He now has a “team” trashing his truth...

A “team” of spies, liars, thieves and greedy merchants.

FYI "team": Being bad is not so attractive or witty and it gets awfully boring.