Friday, July 30, 2021

"The Absolute Worst of Them"

I have posted excerpts from Cindy Martin, “Dark Mum's” attacks on us in previous posts and been accused by her of bullying in doing so. Defending oneself against unthinkable and cruel defamation is not bullying. Responding to vicious lies about me, my husband and my work is not bullying but standing up. I stand up again today.

Recently Martin/Dark Mum made another attempt to convince us she was “through with Terhune and Bret” and ready to be pals with us all over again. What is the expression? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. We did not buy it this time. Just before she made her statement to us that she had nothing more to do with these people, she left Terhune's group through the back door. After our silence to her request through a friend of ours, she returned triumphantly to Terhune's group through the front door, with a "Welcome Cindy Martin!" 

Renato made a point saying Cindy Martin was the absolute worst of all of them and reminded me that her so-called, “apology” to me was done privately but her defamation was done publicly. I still await her apology... the public one. And in light of her continued behavior her private apology is worthless.

She could begin by apologizing for things like this (excerpted from MY Tumblr account) And I add that before I could even present Affairs Valentino to a single publisher, "they" had destroyed my online reputation and attacked me personally online for over a year:

And this which is preserved on MY Tumblr account:

And this (below) being one of the most vicious examples of her defamation of us and our work:

Two things here in this excerpt above... one, her saying I published Michael Morris' book without the family's “consent”. This is a sadistic lie. Of course we had a contract, a year of e-mails exchanged and a wonderful collaboration between us, Michael's family and the priests. It is Michael's book. Martin stating this as fact publicly was a blatant attempt to impede our right to do a fair business and defamation by definition. You can not stand outside a restaurant telling prospective diners the food is poison when it is not. Cindy Martin knew nothing about the legalities of Michael's book and acted as if she did. 

But the most disgusting thing about this exchange above was that Donna Hill was right there on that very thread. Within two comments she was writing and surely saw what Martin wrote about Beyond Valentino. So she said nothing? I hold her complicit as she sat by and let that lie stand? Really awful and obvious on Donna Hill's behalf in my opinion.

So I hope there will be no more attempts by Cindy Martin to feign sincerity as she plies our friends to use them to her sad advantage. And I am sure you all know I have a huge amount of screenshots of Dark Mum's vile attacks. Plenty more where this came from. The abuse and bullying from her was and is appalling. 

I await that public apology. And it needs to be long, detailed, sincere and with names named.