Sunday, July 11, 2021

Strong Emotions

How honest can I be? How many way have I said this? How many times have I been told to ignore it all? “They don't deserve the time of day”, “Move on”, oh I have heard it all. But I have also been told to fight like hell, never be bullied into silence and stand up.

It is closing in on a decade that Tracy Ryan Terhune has been viciously attacking Renato and I on every level. He runs that blog under the title of my book Affairs Valentino disguising his hatred for us under a fake “literary critique”. It is by virtue of the blog's history and purpose that it becomes the very definition of a “designated hate blog”. There he hosts David Bret's comments about us which are delusional lies designed to torture.

So there you have it and more. I won't belabor the history of their endless attacks on us. Anyone wishing to know more can just read back through my previous posts. Its a sordid story.

This said I am so proud that Renato and I have stayed strong, done the work we set out to do and will continue to do so. Tracy Terhune can try his hardest to erase us and our books from his “kingdom” with his "pure fiction" tirades. He fails and fails again.

In my opinion he and Bret (as Albert Morris, Kim Edleman/Maximilian Kraft, Joey Jenkinson, et al) desecrate the memory of Rudolph Valentino, 100%. How could it be otherwise? The evidence tells the story. Tracy Terhune's “tick-tocking” in his sniggering countdown to our deaths, Bret's transphobic mocking calling Renato, “the man who wears dresses” because he wore the robes in Morroco. They are both veritable fonts of miserable behavior.

I am sure they are sharpening their wicked tongues and scouring for typos already set to assault our new work. While neglecting to mention we did do the research, we did work very hard putting together books and the new book was a lot of work obviously. I hope our intent and as Renato likes to call it our “intellectual honestly” shines through and I believe it does.

And more to come soon from us in this “summer of love”.


  1. The two characters mentioned above produce nothing new of scholarly intellectual value about Rudolph Valentino, so they resort to insults and childish abuse toward those like Ms. Zumaya and Mr. Floris, who consistently generate fresh information that should be of interest to all Valentino fans. It's time the naysayers put up or shut up. In the meantime, we all look forward to Ms. Zumaya's upcoming projects, because we are confident she and Mr. Floris are working hard to discover and to share new material.

  2. Have already ordered my copy, and will soon be a proud owner of a new Rudolph Valentino book by Evelyn Zumaya and Renato Floris.

  3. I have just ordered my new copy and hope to one day have you both autograph it for me. Anyone telling you to just ignore the bullying clearly has never been bullied themselves. The deliberate and constant attack against you will not just stop. The intentional infliction of trauma upon you will not magically go away if you ignore it. I'm so proud of you both that you have continued to stand up and fight for your professional reputation. Your work comes from a place of intellectual integrity that I have a lot of respect for.

  4. The great distinction between Zumaya and Floris on the one hand and their hideous detractors on the other, is that their detractors are sexually obsessed with Rudolph Valentino. The fantasy that Valentino would have found them desirable is the organizing principle of their lives. They clearly have no other reason to awaken each day. Neither Zumaya nor Floris is compromised by any such tragic obsession with Valentino. Their rational intelligence and discoveries are sources of delight for those of us who wish the depraved fantasists would go hang.

  5. I just can't understand these People's hatred and harassment towards you and Renato. Even if they do not agree with what you wrote, though you have reserached The subject for so many years and în my opinion, The truth în your book cannot be contested, it still does not explain this vitriol. Except that these People have issues.
    I'm just Glad that someone like you willing to do serious research into Rudy Valentino's life wrote such wonderful, fascinațing books.
    Keep on doing your job because these haters dont matter