Sunday, July 25, 2021

Victory Lap

I know I posted this link here before but can not find it. Thank you to a reader who left this link in their comment. (I can not find a way to make a link in a comment live so I repost it.) 

I can scarcely believe it has been eighteen years since I found S. George Ullman's Appeals Court records. I searched for those Rudolph Valentino probate court records for almost one year until I lamented my struggle to a research law librarian. She asked me, "Did George Ullman ever file an appeal?" "Yes he did!" How satisfying was that. 

I like to think of the day, probably some time in the early sixties, when the "mastermind" who orchestrated the theft of the original records...palmed the actual thief the wad of cash. I like to think of the actual theft, the removal not only from the shelving but from the building. 

I like to think of that collector/scavenger and those in on the heist, glowing with the thrill of have the case file gone from any public access and forever.

I like to think, my god, they were all idiots! Did they not think that George Ullman filed an appeal and that some day someone would find that? 

It is a great and satisfying victory to see the decision online.  I will see to it that every record I found is online because the internet makes it way harder for thieves to steal them, doesn't it?

* Sorry Morocco but just no. I was traumatized by the place. Renato said it was like going back in time to the year 900, only with cells phones. Exactly.