Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Chicca Guglielmi Morone Interview

Chicca Guglielmi Morone grew up amidst her family in Turin paying weekly visits to Rudolph Valentino's sister Maria and niece Gabriella. Chicca also knew Jean Valentino very well until his death and visited him in his Los Angeles home.

Chicca consented to answering some of our questions which she had filmed in her home in June.

All most interesting!


  1. Thank you for this intriguing interview with Ms. Morone! I have always been very curious about Valentino's sister, since the Italian half of his family is rarely discussed. Maria is a critical part of Valentino's story, since she was closer to him in Italy than his brother, Alberto. I am very happy to see Ms. Morone share her memories and in such an engaging manner! Hopefully, in the future, Ms. Morone will share the photographs Maria entrusted to her mother and divulge more memories of Maria and Gabriella. The setting of the interview is breathtaking, also.

  2. Loved that interview!

  3. At last; fresh insights and perspective from a formidable individual with direct knowledge of those she reports on! We are starving for this out here in the “Valentino community.” Not all of us are content to gasp and swoon at the same regurgitated photos or accept the enforced orthodoxies of the forum hacks. Ms. Guglielmi Morone is pure class and I hope she sees fit to share more of her knowledge. Brava to her for keeping what sounds like an amazing photo collection intact. Doubtless she has been approached by vultures over and over again.