Sunday, July 4, 2021

That Swearing Pope & Two Different Cults - A Renato Floris Commentary



  1. It's always a treat to hear Renato's viewpoint. He's an excellent judge of character...or the lack thereof.
    Happy Independence Day to the Floris Family!

  2. The Emcee is fooling no one. He presents as the holier than thou teary eyed performer at the memorial lectern. The persona of gentleman collector who has “devoted most of his life to Valentino” (pretty damn sad if true, actually). This apparently persuades “the family” that he passes muster as a partner in deal making. But his true self emerges in the cesspool of his blog posts; a vicious and witless sadist taking obscene pleasure in the false belief that he is deftly discrediting Zumaya and Floris.

  3. Terhuey and Bunt remind me of the short, fat wizard behind the green curtain in The Wizard of Oz! Remember how he gets exposed at the end of the movie!? Their followers are the wicked witch’s flying monkies!