Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Sources, Sources & More Sources

In response to that blatant confession recently made here in a comment about the diabolical effort to prevent Affairs Valentino from being in “general circulation”, I share more of my sources. How unbelievable that people who allege to devote their lives to Valentino (mainstreamers) would do anything but embrace the sources and the book. 

The book includes the first accounts of the Ullman family and the sharing of George Ullman's archive, the godfather Frank Mennillo's story and archive, and is the first book to source the one thousand pages of court records, etc., and all referenced to some forty pages of endnotes. In the next edition I will include even more.

I share here my source for some of the stories of Foxlair estate, and reprint two pages of the Foxlair family history which is included in Michael Morris' archive. I was honored to be granted legal custody of his archive and can reproduce these as excerpted. I have watermarked them to protect them in some measure.

Most of the history is a detailed account of Foxlair itself, the purchase of the land, the biographical story of Richard Hudnut, the development of the property and the mechanics of running the place over the years. I found it difficult to learn the entire estate was eventually burned to the ground... even the “Big House” as it was called.

The nearby village of North Creek which plays into the story still looks very remote and rural.,_New_York

Here below two pages from the family history I sourced where Valentino's arrival in the summer of 1922 is recounted.

I think it wise for those raging against me, my dear husband and our work... who absurdly try to prevent our work from being read... to study the sources I referenced in Affairs Valentino and understand narrative nonfiction as a genre which I embrace; incorporating the data gathered from years of my research into an enjoyable read.

Narrative nonfiction is by definition: The genre of narrative nonfiction requires heavy research, thorough exploration, and an aim to entertain while also sharing a true, compelling story.”

And no Mr. Terhune, book-burner Martin et al... it is not “pure fiction”. 


  1. Just an fyi I do not read comments from Cindy Martin or David Bret. Nor do I ever look at their blogs. So waste of time pursuing that with me.

    1. Nor does anyone else. If Shady Ma and Hobgoblin didn't have each other, who would know they exist at all? Except for their Master, of course.

    2. 9:37 I think if someone acts out in such negative and destructive ways as they do, they can expect a great deal of rejection. Who wants to be around that kind of energy at all, ever? And it is extremely uncomfortable to be the target of their collective fetishizing of me. That is way out of my realm of reality.

    3. Threatening people the way they do , people has just cause to reject them.

  2. Exactly, all that negative energy is extremely toxic! It will consume your soul if you let it. Been there, done that.

  3. I would be interested to know why the odious Terhune, Bret and Shady Ma believe that Renato and Evelyn Floris are preventing them from personal fulfillment. There is no other explanation for their ferocity. Does Cindy Martin seriously believe that if Evelyn and Renato cease their Valentino work she will be restored to the loving arms of her former dear friends Terhune, Constable, Gribbin, Adam Carroll, and all the others who have kicked her to the curb? That her “work” (ahem!) will suddenly start receiving attention and plaudits? Even she must know these are pipe dreams.

  4. 2:02, your insight into Shady Ma's delusions is very keen. However, after her virulent attacks upon former cohort, SC, I don't think even he would be idiotic enough to return to her warm embrace.