Sunday, September 25, 2022

Putting It Into Perspective

I think of all the documents I photographed in Campbell's this one (below) was the most surprising. It has been and still is often reported George Ullman did not pay for Valentino's funeral, that he left the bill unpaid, etc. Well this is the documented fact; he paid it in full in two payments. The first payment on August 26, 1926 was for $10,000.00 and he paid the balance of $1,087.10 in ten days.

To put this into perspective; according to, the exchange rate for one U.S. Dollar from 1926 to 2022 is times $15.58. This means that Valentino's Campbells' bill today would have been $172,737. 01.

S. George Ullman paid the bill and this document proved that. Many of the Campbells' documents are included in Affairs Valentino with more posted on our website: