Wednesday, September 21, 2022

A Refresh

Something to cleanse the palate; the collection of photographs owned by Señora Maria Salome,  Natacha Rambova's god daughter in Palma, Mallorca. 


  1. Beautiful and talented.

    1. This image was taken by William James, the gentleman who discovered Maria Salome and who wrote the essay on Rambova's experience in the Spanish Civil War which is included in Beyond Valentino. I am being frantically accused of setting up this photo and buying these photos on ebay. Here is the thing about that. I could trace back and find the original emails with this image attached from Mr. James. But the thought of creating a photo like that never occurred to me and why would it? I have the actual image. It makes me wonder why this forgery aspect is so foremost on the minds of the trolls... is this something they routinely do? they seem to know all about it. I would wonder about the validity of anything they put out there after witnessing their obsession with fakery. This photo was taken of Ms. Salome's table in Palma, by Mr. James, along with the other images of her fabulous Rambova collection.

    2. There they go with their tired arguments, these are fakes, the documents were forged, the photos are faked. When will they get a life and waste their time commenting on thus blog.