Thursday, September 8, 2022


I stand proudly behind all our research... past, present and future and the books we have written and published. Renato and I are deeply honored by all of your support, friendship and kindness. It has been a long and treacherous journey but the story we uncovered, imo, makes the life of Rudolph Valentino all the more thrilling and in that regard it has been worthwhile. 

And in regards to my firing back in the past posts... anyone would do the same if they were insulted and lied about as we have been, for so long. Its called standing up. 

I am always naively optimistic that everything will work out. It has to. Meanwhile a piece of my Instagram art. 


  1. I think Valentino would have been proud of your book, his true story that he wanted told, before he died and wasn't able to accomplish it. Thank you.

  2. I'm 4:46. I forgot to log in first.

  3. I saw a form he filled out and I think he wrote carmine red was his favorite color. You did a great job.