Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Must Have Been a Favorite

Well aren't I the glutton for punishment to keep the comments on and post another image of Natacha. Yikes... duck and cover I guess. Those who are dutifully participating in the blood sport of defaming us day in and day out...really hate anything I post about Natacha. They especially lurched into hate mode seeing the previous image I posted of Natacha with the iconic little lion cub Zela.

I wanted to post this second shot taken of Ms. Natacha and baby cub Zela and could not find it the other day. So found. All in all Zela had a good life and I am sure Rudy and Natacha rescued her from a life of performing in some cruel circus. 

But I noticed in this image Natacha is wearing the same knit dress she wore when she and Rudy married in Mexicali. It must have been a favorite. 

I also came across this (see below) randomly and thought it apropos. The more they howl about Affairs Valentino, the bigger it gets. You just can't keep a good book down... And yes there might be another revision. 😀👌