Thursday, September 22, 2022

A Tiny Point in Time

In response to Tracy Terhune's alleged claim that Rudolph and not Natacha wrote the addresses on the calling card for Beltran Masses (see previous post)... I share the following.

Hardly possible that I am bothering with this but it is so obvious I can not let this pass. In the first image we have a sample of Natacha's handwriting, her signature. Her handwriting is very swoopy if you will and distinct. The address and the signature are written by the same hand. I have isolated the combination of "a - n" and "a - m" as an example. 

And in this image below I compare the handwriting and academic script of Valentino (the passage below) to the card written by Natacha (above). Absolutely not the same hand at all. And fyi to Mr. Terhune, no Italian would ever write a "7" like that. It would have the slash through it. A no brainer and although it seemed important to Mr. Terhune to come out with some statement of authority on this tiny point in time....he is wrong. Natacha wrote the card. So there you go. You would have to be blind to think these (below) were written by the same hand.