Friday, September 2, 2022

Natacha's Benevolent Nature

You really do not have to look so long to find complimentary mentions of Natacha Rambova. This little article stands as testimony to Natacha's benevolent nature and her natural ability to discover talent. In most cases she was spot on. I think the only error made was with Andre Daven who could certainly have had the career promised to him by Natacha and Rudolph. However, it did not work out as is revealed here. 

A note on Natacha from her discovery Myra Loy as follow up on the previous posts. I have more narrative from Loy's book but this is a good synopsis. 

(Below) From "Being and Becoming" by Myrna Loy 


  1. Rambova should have become a show business agent. She had a knack for discovering talent.

  2. Myrna Loy, another one of my favorite actresses from the old glamorous days of Hollywood. I was a starry-eyed teen who wanted to be an actress if only in my hometown local theater, but I was so very shy and had no self-confidence at all. So I watched old black and white movies, and read every biography I could get my hands on. No idea Natacha had a part in Myrna Loy's beginning. This is so much fun finding out these things! Wow, if we'd had internet back when I was growing up.

    1. Maggie: I am sure I predate you by many miles but we all did ok without the internet, didn't we? I used to count the hours until NBC Saturday Night at the Movies came on. Old movies! What a treat. I will find the pages Myrna Loy wrote about Natacha and Valentino and post them.

  3. If not for What Price Beauty, Rambova's designs, and Waxman's subsequent photos, Myrna Loy might have never been discovered. Amazing.