Sunday, September 4, 2022

Cin! Cin!

In the past twenty-four hours on this blog, I was subjected to some heavy, incredibly stupid accusations from the usual bad individuals; those blights on the Valentino landscape. No one should ever have to be subjected to a non-stop barrage of personal insults but in running this blog with the “Comments” feature on, I am. In fact, any social media venue with a comment feature is a wide open door for them. They find it funny and it pleases the General I guess.

I think you all know who they are so no need to rehash the entire sad and yes tedious tale. I just wanted to share one glaring fact....those couple of people who refer to themselves as the “Valentino Mainstream” or laughably a “studies community” are everything but that and they never, ever send in the meekest hint of content about Valentino.  

They send only comments which are repetitive, propagandized insults/taglines to try and discourage me into walking away defeated. This is their sick strategy to keep me silent. It will not happen. I have not walked away, am never defeated and their lies can never change who I am. I have just turned off their hate tap for a while to finish a project with Renato.

Italy does not have Labor Day this weekend but I hope all my readers in America have an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend. Cin! Cin!

Thanks for understanding and for all your support. (Below) a treasured Mother's Day card as it seems apropos.