Sunday, September 4, 2022

Cin! Cin!

In the past twenty-four hours on this blog, I was subjected to some heavy, incredibly stupid accusations from the usual bad individuals; those blights on the Valentino landscape. No one should ever have to be subjected to a non-stop barrage of personal insults but in running this blog with the “Comments” feature on, I am. In fact, any social media venue with a comment feature is a wide open door for them. They find it funny and it pleases the General I guess.

I think you all know who they are so no need to rehash the entire sad and yes tedious tale. I just wanted to share one glaring fact....those couple of people who refer to themselves as the “Valentino Mainstream” or laughably a “studies community” are everything but that and they never, ever send in the meekest hint of content about Valentino.  

They send only comments which are repetitive, propagandized insults/taglines to try and discourage me into walking away defeated. This is their sick strategy to keep me silent. It will not happen. I have not walked away, am never defeated and their lies can never change who I am. I have just turned off their hate tap for a while to finish a project with Renato.

Italy does not have Labor Day this weekend but I hope all my readers in America have an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend. Cin! Cin!

Thanks for understanding and for all your support. (Below) a treasured Mother's Day card as it seems apropos. 


  1. My Mule's Name is JennySeptember 5, 2022 at 11:50 PM

    We all know who they are. If they honestly believe their putrid comments will win them readers, then they are more unhinged than I previously thought.

    1. 11:50: Unhinged and sad. Wow. I received a comment which accused me of sending that Mother's Day card to myself. I was stunned to think that anyone would imagine that. Has anyone on earth, ever in the history of time ever bought themselves a greeting card, then mailed it to themselves, then photographed it and posted that online claiming it was sent to them? No they have not. Just the fact someone would dream that scenario up is screaming evidence that is how their psyche works. How lonely are you Mr. David Bret? Have you never received a greeting card? Your fantasy about sending yourself a greeting card is one of the saddest things I have ever read. It is pitiful. And in general I do not like feeling pity. Its not a nice thing.

    2. No surprise with David Bret seeing how many enemies he has that he would send greeting cards to himself. People are beginning to figure him out. Writing great book reviews and talking to himself on the internet. No one wants him on their website. Claiming that Evelyn has mental problems when he is the one who should be locked up , he only causes people grief.

    3. Evelyn and Renato are loved and their books are loved.

    4. 1:43: Thank you for that sentiment. It means a lot.

  2. 1:40: Well they are professional projectors. Most all of what they accuse me of is precisely what they are doing. But I guess I should thank them for being such avid readers of my blog. They sure are.