Friday, September 23, 2022

Red Satin Shoes

Renato came across this image below recently and I find it captivating in its graphic color treatment. This was published in March 1923 as the Mineralava Tour began, so we find Natacha Rambova in costume. I did learn while researching Norma that Natacha wore red satin shoes for the performances.

I believe that the most valuable Mineralava archive would be Norma Niblock's incredible collection. What a remarkable preservation of photographs and artifacts. She was extremely proud of her win and this is evident in the care she took to safeguard her memories. I shared most of it in the book, but what a collection. 

Voila! Natacha Rambova set to cross the country and dance the tango with her love Rudolph. Thanks to Renato for catching this one!