Saturday, September 10, 2022

Late in Life Snippets

A few momentary snippets from our life: Renato's grapes, the news, the wall of our book covers (still growing) and other oddments. I added the soundtracks because it is kind of a fun thing to do with your phone. The choices are not great but voilĂ ... its an instant little video. 

We have been accused of living in "squalor" and "misery" by the mainstream insulters. When I share personal insights into who we are, they refer to it as our "fake wonderful life". Not fake... and yes pretty wonderful as life goes. 

Renato and I met each other late in life, over Rudolph Valentino. We were introduced by our mutual friend Michael Morris and have wasted no time living our best possible life together. I could never have dreamed that I would be given such a gift as to share my life and home with Renato. What a great surprise life had in store for me.