Saturday, September 10, 2022

Late in Life Snippets

A few momentary snippets from our life: Renato's grapes, the news, the wall of our book covers (still growing) and other oddments. I added the soundtracks because it is kind of a fun thing to do with your phone. The choices are not great but voilĂ ... its an instant little video. 

We have been accused of living in "squalor" and "misery" by the mainstream insulters. When I share personal insights into who we are, they refer to it as our "fake wonderful life". Not fake... and yes pretty wonderful as life goes. 

Renato and I met each other late in life, over Rudolph Valentino. We were introduced by our mutual friend Michael Morris and have wasted no time living our best possible life together. I could never have dreamed that I would be given such a gift as to share my life and home with Renato. What a great surprise life had in store for me. 



  1. Oh how wonderful to have a peak into your lives! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Does not look like you two live in squalor.

  3. The idea this couple lives in squalor is more of Hobgoblin Bret's fantasy life, presented for all the world to retch on TRT's platforms. The jealousy of those characters, who are languishing alone in their own grubby worlds of government housing and trailer parks, is totally laughable. I guess we do owe TRT a debt of gratitude for putting these circus freaks on display for our entertainment, even though he takes them seriously. He, too, must feel a bit of envy toward Zumaya and Floris and their life together, which is why his former Mummy in crime has eviscerated him and his #1 fan, Constable, more than once on her social platforms. Both of them must be a little afraid of her to ignore the brickbats she has tossed their way. Wonder what she has on them?

    1. 10:05: I guess the perception of "squalor" is subjective but I know what their point is in repeating that about us. Its just another way to provoke and defame us. It takes effort when you are our ages to keep a tidy home and take care of business because realistically energy is often in short supply. So I think their demeaning us in our efforts in all regards would be considered elder abuse. Imagine visiting a couple in their mid seventies and instead of helping them and encouraging them you call their home squalor, and tell them they are living in filth, etc.; when they clearly are doing ok.

  4. I only comment on this blog under my own name. And I have had many, many comments I have rejected which claim Renato and I live in filthy conditions, etc. The reference to the housing in a previous comment I am sure was made to point out the hypocrisy that somehow we are held to some rigid standard of living circumstance, etc. when no one is exactly better than anyone else in that regard.