Monday, May 18, 2020

Tracy Terhune is Our Nightmare

Renato and I sent the letter below some time ago to the man who controls the campaign he organized to bully us online and ruin our reputations and our book's sales on the designated hate blog he runs under the title of my book, Affairs Valentino; Tracy Ryan Terhune. Since he did not reply to this e-mail nor accommodate our request, I post it below as I know he is reading this blog because he is responding in his signature mean-spirited and cruel way.

Despite his running that blog for eight years, where he greets my web traffic by demeaning us in all possible ways, vile images, calling me a madwoman and Fool Zumaya and Renato, Child Star 72, he now calls our response to his attacks there, an obsession with him. I respond by saying that Tracy Terhune is not someone we like to think about, talk about, know about and we are not obsessed with him... he is our nightmare.

Tracy Ryan Terhune has been our nightmare for years... no matter what we do in regards to our work on Valentino, whatever we write, publish or discover, his menacing presence is there to viciously and aggressively attack us and our work... and do so under the title of my book Affairs Valentino. Terhune throws his stones at us again and again on his hate blog which he so proudly boasts is the first item in MY and the book's Google search and I ask indeed, what kind of person brags about something like that?

By accusing us of being obsessed with him... is this not a gas-lighting tour de force... considering what he has done to us on that blog since 2012 and considering what he continues to do now by mocking us for daring to respond. This when anyone would do the exact same in our situation.

Cindy Martin wrote about Terhune's bullying of us last spring, defined it in detail, commenting how no one gets “wigged out” about a book like Tracy Terhune has about Affairs Valentino. According to the government website on bullying, he is conducting a text book example of bullying on that blog. This because one of the identifying actions of a bully/cyber bully is to open a designated blog where they defame and torture their targeted victims and usually by accusing their targets of doing exactly what they are doing. Terhune could write the alphabet, share a few nursery rhymes on that blog and every single word would be bullying because of the purpose of that blog.

I ask him...why does he not post the link to his Affairs Valentino hate blog on his Facebook group pages? If it is important enough for him to post his hate there, then why does he not share it everywhere and proudly? I say because he throws his stones and hides the hand by deleting his most hateful posts, his disgusting images and hides that bullying blog under the false pretense that he is the victim.

Tracy Terhune does not have to like our books, but as someone who feigns interest/authority in all things Valentino because of his collection, he could acknowledge our efforts and the new discoveries we have contributed and not actively work to sadistically ruin us. This seems to contradict his envisioned role he works so feverishly (and cruelly) to maintain in the Valentino world.

He humble brags about not being an expert on Valentino but every time there is a tiny question on the groups he controls, (according to Cindy Martin both We Never Forget and Mad About the Boy) they call in Tracy Terhune for his two cents.

As long as he is broadcasting under my book's title that we are insane, cruel, dottering, old people who are obsessed with him, I will respond, respond, respond. I think anyone reading this can imagine how little I am obsessed with him or this horrifying situation and how little I enjoy responding. I ask what choice do we have but to respond? If we do not... then we and our books are buried in Terhune's sea of lies about us and our work.

So why is Tracy Ryan Terhune now counting every time I mention his name in reporting his actions as if his name is a four letter word...when he has made very sure my name was destroyed and thoroughly and with lies.

When Tracy Terhune closes that wicked blog and returns that URL to me courteously and ceases in his organizing and instigating his “syndicate of haters” and disbands his “Campaign Against Evelyn” as Cindy Martin called it... then perhaps he will see his name less in print. Meanwhile, I will report on and respond to what he does there to ensure that our truth is recorded and that this story is told.

Logically, as long as Tracy Terhune continues in this course of action, I have little choice but to mention his name. But does not his list of my mentioning his name obviously stand as proof of our being forced to respond to his deplorable actions and motives? The longer his list gets, the worse he looks. And every single day he runs that blog, even a day without an update... it makes no difference... its very presence and content is bullying.

I ask him again to kindly do the gentlemanly thing and close the blog.

In December 2011 on our way home from Morocco