Thursday, May 14, 2020

Response to "Dallas Martin"

For some time now I have had an account with Fine Art America where I share the artwork I create for my two Instagram accounts Beyond Valentino and Affairs Valentino. I have not promoted it but used it for friends and supporters and mostly to generate gifts. A few days ago someone asked me if they offered face masks.

I thought people might like that and posted the link to the account. So in doing so I was attacked by one “Dallas Martin”, who left a mean-spirited and vicious comment on my public Facebook page for the book accusing me of doing what I accuse Terhune of doing before Valentino's final resting place. I do not consider this the same at all and it is an absurd comparison.

I am not standing before Valentino's coffin and his physical remains... all while marketing a private collection of Valentino's personal artifacts in the hallowed crypt itself, while reading the 23rd Psalm and all while deviously conducting a monstrous and sadistic bullying campaign online against me and Renato calling us names and mocking our every move and ages.

Many people are sharing images on face masks these days. It is not to make money but a way to cope with the situation. And if “Dallas Martin” thinks I was or would make money on those he is sorely mistaken. The artists on Fine Art America do not pre-purchase anything and receive a small percentage of the sales. They have nothing to do with the pricing and the purpose of the site is to gain exposure for one's art. 

I enjoy sharing my artwork because I am proud of my art and will say the reason I enclose the words “Dallas Martin” in apostrophes is that I do not think he exists at all. I call fake Facebook alias on “Dallas Martin”. Has anyone seen him in person or with his mother? If so let me know. 

I am still waiting for that photograph of him with his mother Cindy Martin and a dated newspaper, etc. in hand which Renato requested to prove his existence before communicating with him. Until then he remains a fake Facebook account and hateful alias.

The saying goes that “haters gonna hate”. Well enough already and if they don't like my speaking up about what they do and have done to us then maybe they should have thought about their actions long ago. Their actions were all documented and I will not be intimidated into silence.

If anyone wants any of my Instagram art work on any of the site's offerings, I will send them the link to my private account. Because I absolutely refuse to make the Affairs Valentino Facebook page private but will not tolerate their hateful outbursts there.

I blocked “Dallas Martin” long ago, so some hijinks happened for him to even leave his hateful comment there.


Renato's Response (Translation follows below):

Quando la realtà supera la fantasia!

Sin dai tempi del blog di Dominic Caruso, mi chiesi chi fosse Cindy Martin che apparve dal nulla per bacchettare chi non fosse adeguato alle direttive della famiglia di Alberto Guglielmi, dico Alberto perché Rodolfo, che mai rinnegò il nome di famiglia ma usò quello di Valentino come nome d'arte, era di ben altra pasta.

Io fui estromesso con delle banalissime scuse così accadde anche ad Aurelio Miccoli. Poi Cindy Martin apparve sul blog intitolato al libro di Evelyn Zumaya per ingrossare il bombardamento di insulti e diffamazioni perpetrate da Tracy Ryan Terhune a dal suo compare David Bret. Dopo un po' Cindy si fece viva col capo cosparso di cenere chiedendo scusa delle sue malefatte aggiungendo anche interessanti dietro alle quinte sui rapporti tra lei o forse lui o loro, e Tracy Ryan Terhune e David Bret. Quindi altra virata la supposta Cindy dopo avere nuovamente offeso sparisce per tornare nei ranghi dei nostri odiatori. 

Recentemente mi ha nuovamente contattato e io, davvero stanco di questa sarrabanda e vista la mia convinzione che sia il suo profilo Facebook sia quello, degno del più sfacciato surrealismo da umiliare René Clair, Picabia e anche Buñuel, del, per me, immaginario figlio Dallas, siano assolutamente fasulli ho chiesto una prova che mi confermasse le loro identità magari con un collegamento live o con una foto scattata al momento con qualcosa che mi provi si tratti di una foto recente, ebbene nulla, Cindy e il pargolo Dallas non hanno acconsentito e mi chiedo perché se loro davvero sono quegli esseri surreali che pretendono di essere, si nascondono dietro alla tastiera giusto per pontificare e insultare. Perché se fossero davvero reali, in questo caso, la realtà supererebbe la fantasia. 

Cindy, Dallas, Tracy, David mi avete esasperato e voglio che andiate per il vostro destino con tutti gli indegni discendenti di un uomo buono, spontaneo, generoso e forse, solo un po', pazzerello e sognatore che si chiamava Rodolfo Guglielmi, in arte Rodolfo Valentino. 

(In English)

When Reality Exceeds Fantasy!

Since the days of Dominic Caruso's Facebook group, I have wondered who Cindy Martin was, she who appeared out of nowhere to exclude anyone who did not comply with the guidelines of Alberto Guglielmi's family. I say Alberto Guglilemi because Rodolfo used Valentino as a stage name and was a different kind of man.

I was deleted from Dom's group by Cindy Martin on very trivial excuses and this also happened to Aurelio Miccoli.

Then Cindy Martin appeared commenting on the blog titled Affairs Valentino, the same as Evelyn's book... to expand the bombardment of insults and defamations perpetrated by Tracy Ryan Terhune and his comrade David Bret.

After a while Cindy messaged me alleging to be apologizing for her misdeeds and adding interesting behind-the-scenes stories about her relationship with Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret.

So another turn of events when Cindy Martin, after having offended us mightily again... disappears to return to the ranks of our haters.

Recently she contacted me again and I, growing very tired of her bedlam and given my belief that both her Facebook profile and that of her son Dallas were worthy of any of the most brazen surrealism which would humble the greatest surrealists, René Clair, Picabia and also Buñuel. For me, she and her “son” are absolutely bogus because I asked for proof to confirm their identities... perhaps with a live connection, some face time or with a photo taken at the moment with something as proof such as a recent photo.

Well I received nothing. Cindy and her baby Dallas have not consented to my request and I wonder why. If they really are those surreal beings they pretend to be on their Facebook profiles, why do they hide behind the keyboard just to pontificate and insult.

Because if they were real, in this case, their reality would surpass any fantasy. Cindy, Dallas, Tracy, David have exasperated me and I request they follow their own destiny along with those unworthy descendants of Rodolfo Guglielmi, who in art called himself Rudolph Valentino; a good man who was spontaneous, generous and perhaps just a little crazy, a dreamer.