Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Renato Floris Responds to Tracy Terhune's Malicious Intent

Since, as André Breton once said, "punctuality is the virtue of those who get bored"... I waited for the sassy broadsides of Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret who, always waiting for any reason to free themselves from their boring lives and attack the work of Evelyn and myself, are always in prime position waiting for the slightest excuse to ridicule us, offend us and defame us.

I share what they say about me and I quote verbatim the exhaustive description of my titles made by Bret: "multi- lingual child star, lighting technician, Cordon Bleu chef, puppeteer and Firemen's Muse". This is all true but Firemen's Muse is too much. I only collaborated with the head quarters of the firefighters of Turin, Asti, Rome and Bologna and with many of them I became and still am a good friend.

As our book “Rudolph Valentino - In English” came out, Tracy Ryan Terhune rushed to buy it, which I thank him for. But the reason for his haste is clear... it was his desire to publish, in the shortest possible time, what he he calls a "critique"... and be on time to diminish and defame our work with the malicious intent to ruin our sales.

Terhune does not welcome a new book on Valentino but complains we have not corrected several inaccuracies of De Recqueville; well I want to remind him here that I translated De Recqueville's book but I did not write it. I have not written a companion reading manual yet but feel I did a substantial effort in footnoting for the reader.

I also point out that the book is already extensively footnoted with the beauty of 391 footnotes which includes those appearing in the original book and those included in the appendices.

Regarding why I translated this book, I refer to the first lines of my introduction:

I have been asked many times why I chose to translate this book into English, which as far as historical accuracy is concerned certainly has a few shortcomings. Despite this, I consider De Recqueville more of an actual witness than a biographer. She contacted those still living who knew Valentino personally, from his brother Alberto to his French comrades René Clair, Jacques Hébertot, Robert Florey, Yvonne Legeay and Paul Ivano to even the chamber maids at the Plaza Athenée Hotel who fluffed Valentino's pillows. Another of her intriguing contacts was Doctor Howard Meeker, one of the many physicians who tried to save Valentino and who mercifully closed his eyes. These contact's testimony forms the true power of De Recqueville's book.

Despite any of my translation's mechanical imperfections, I am very proud of the book and I feel it is a most worthy contribution to the legacy of Rudolph Valentino. Tracy Terhune's attempt to destroy this book and all of our books proves he has other motivations than to add to Valentino's history.

Terhune and his acolyte Bret, in my opinion, are just angry that they can no longer lie about the content of De Recqueville's book and no longer freely lie about many things. They throw their stones but I am confident people are far wiser than Terhune and Bret believe. Those people interested in knowing more about Valentino and not less, as Terhune would like it...they can judge for themselves as to the intent and effort on my behalf. And they do not need Tracy Terhune to try and censor what they should or should not read about Valentino or anything else.

Jeanne De Recqueville was presented with the key to Castellaneta for her noble work in the defense of the memory of Valentino... something which I think should be respected in this history. I hope everyone will read the new book and find many things to learn. I say read, people read!! And enjoy!
Have a good day everyone,