Saturday, May 2, 2020

Tracy Terhune Headlines Posted on Affairs Valentino

For the record, I share some of the headlines which Tracy Ryan Terhune has posted on the blog he continues to run and has run with all malicious intent for the past nine years in a concerted and public campaign to ruin my reputation, harass and defame us and our work and divert our legitimate web traffic to find the following. These are but a few examples of what Tracy Terhune has posted on his "Hate Affairs Valentiino" blog (see previous posts for more history of Terhune's efforts on that blog).  I have excerpted Terhune's headlines from the full screen shots.

This was the second headline Tracy Terhune posted. The first post simply said, "My Book is Pure Fiction". It was dated the same day. 

Terhune used this theme primarily throughout 2013-2015 or so and most of his posts greeting my web traffic about Affairs Valentino involved images and headlines about Satan. Such as this example below.

Tracy Terhune used this headline (above) for a few years and I state this is an example of his public defamation of me because he was the person posting as me on a blog under my book's title which is by definition identity theft, I have never been arrested in my life and I am not guilty of fraud. 

(above & below) Some examples of the years of name-calling and mocking headlines greeting traffic seeking information about Affairs Valentino.

(above) Tracy Terhune brags how his bully blog is the top of the list in my Google search and in this admitting to his intent. 

As long as Tracy Ryan Terhune continues to run this malicious blog, he is attacking us by its very presence and content. In running a blog like this and posting such deceptive and unwarranted viciousness, he is bullying us and I will continue to defend us against his deplorable actions. When one reads the content of the entire blog from 2012 to the present and reviews the images posted, one could almost believe Tracy Terhune thinks both Jesus and Rudolph Valentino would heartily approve of his behavior. I beg to differ.