Saturday, May 16, 2020

David Bret...Tracy Terhune's "Dear Friend"... or Surrogate?

Although the “team” has now spent years linking to each other's vile defamation about us, Tracy Terhune, for a while, was careful not to openly appear to be working with David Bret. This while Bret referred to Terhune as his “buddy” and his “dear friend”; once bragging how they spoke by phone almost every day. Terhune did not openly endorse Bret, his books nor post a single word of praise for him. What is going on?

Yet, in the past few years, Terhune has been openly providing a platform for Bret to violate a court order remanding him not to post about us online at all and in any fashion. Here (below) is an excerpt from the verdict of the Honorable Judge, a description of Bret's defamation and her order he cease and desist in defaming me and yes... I won that case. I add contrary to what Bret claims, this case was carried out to the letter of the law.

Ms. Cindy Martin revealed how Terhune demands he approve all of Bret's posts on that designated hate blog Terhune runs under the title of Affairs Valentino. In approving those comments, Terhune is complicit in the violation of the above court order. This was a strident change in course for Terhune to openly pair his hate speech about us with Bret's.

But I allege Terhune has been working with Bret for many years behind the scenes as the following document proves.

(Excerpts above and below enlarged)

It was obvious Bret had no physical access to the goings on in Burbank way back when and someone was feeding him the information. In 2014, I went to the Burbank Courthouse and pulled, among other documents, the preceding document which is public record. Note how Terhune found it necessary to say he did not advocate harming us. Who asked him?

There is also another document on file in Burbank, an affidavit signed by Terhune in which he claims he never heard of Bret before that exchange. How is that possible? Bret's blog was not run anonymously and in the exchange Terhune admits he read the blogs?

At the time he told Bret he got a good laugh at his blogs targeting me, Bret was posting about my father's death and other such heinous and traumatizing things which I share a few screenshots of below.

I add that these screenshots may be shared as they are also public record as filed in the Court of Asti in Italy. I also add some of Terhune's images which he was posting at the time in tangent. (Unless otherwise noted these are sample posts by David Bret)

Here Bret taunts me about the death of my father.

Sampling of Images as Posted by Tracy Terhune on his Affairs Valentino blog.

Home Page Illustrations about Affairs Valentino by Tracy Terhune

Now Bret gushes without restraint over Terhune as he wrote as a comment on the "His Fame Still Lives" blog, “In the Valentino world Tracy Terhune is the bee's knees. What he does not know about Valentino is not worth knowing. Knowing him, and counting him amongst my closest friends has been one of the great honors of my life. Long may he continue his sterling work!..”

More of Tracy Terhune's "Sterling Work". 

And in the following excerpt from the dedication page of Bret's latest “book” we find:

This all presents the following questions:

If what Bret says is true and he and Tracy Terhune are dear friends... then why is Bret a persona non grata on Terhune's Facebook group, We Never Forget? Why does he have to appear under an alias, Albert Morris which was verified to us by Cindy Martin?

Why does Terhune never say a word about Bret’s books when he fields questions about books on the topic? Terhune studiously ignores Bret’s work in the same way he does ours. The only difference is, he does not trash Bret publicly and to his face, as he does to us but behind his back by ignoring his work completely.

In my opinion it is rather sad and obvious; Terhune is not a personal dear friend or he would be supporting Bret's work openly and allowing him to join in on his Facebook group. Although Bret's books are utterly ignored by his dear friend, the basis of their friendship is Bret’s usefulness to Terhune, i.e. Bret's glee at deploying his second to none homicidal obscenity makes him a perfect stand in for Terhune.... who tried and fails to appear above such graphic and ugly attacks on us.

Is there any substance to their relationship other than the threat posed to them by Affairs Valentino? I suspect their relationship would otherwise be threadbare and that if deprived of the subject they would literally have nothing to say to one another. Hatred of me, Renato and our work is the basis of their shady exchange. I say shady because Bret must appear under an alias to have any voice in “The Keeper of the Relics' “ online forum.

For those of you who ask about the status of the lawsuit I won v. Bret, it is now in collections for the awarded damages as follows with to date zero paid by Bret:

He must pay:

$38,735.46 as of today, May 16, 2020, which incrementally increases with legal interest at the rate of $8.49 per day, calculated from the day the verdict was handed down on June 30, 2016.

He owes us an additional $2,735.78 for legal fees with the interest rate of $0.49 per day, with the total calculated from March 18, 2020.

What is the point for Terhune to continue to run that hateful bullying Affairs Valentino blog and abetting Bret in his violation of this verdict? Is it to give his insecure sycophant Bret the impression they are friends or is Terhune doing the same he did in that Facebook exchange I just posted and using Bret as a surrogate for his own brand of hate speech against us?

In light of Terhune's lack of public praise for Bret's work, his refusal to allow him to appear on his Facebook group unless under an alias and the annual absence of a chair reserved for Mr. Bret at the Death event Terhune hosts before Valentino's earthly remains, I say the conclusions are obvious.

Bound by their common enemies.... us... and their litany of lies portraying us as hateful bullies... they carry on. See more of the court evidence and the verdict @