Sunday, May 24, 2020

A Bit More Information for My Avid Reader, Tracy Terhune

To David Bret/Albert Morris/Joey Jenkinson, the punctuation police officer on the beat... who seems to be camping on my blog to catch any infraction before I correct it.... I ask him... do you have a life?
How hypocritical that David Bret, who trolls online apparently day and night and under several aliases which he created in carefully cultivated fake Facebook accounts... how hypocritical that he would pretend to be appalled that other people use aliases online to protect themself from people like him. And I add that Bret's aliases were confirmed to us by Ms. Cindy Martin.
I think he knows by now that his reputation is so awful that he is no longer welcome on anyone's Facebook group under his own name... why?... because if David Bret stepped in, members of those groups would run for the exits. With his history and reputation, how can he claim any pretense to higher ground to pout in judgment of my very necessary responses to his and Tracy Ryan Terhune's disgusting lies.
And to my most avid reader, Tracy Terhune... I first of all thank him for buying our new book, Renato's Jeanne De Recqueville's “Rudolph Valentino”. He seems to be the first person to ever buy our books and I always know that it will not be more than a few days before he posts his utter, utter outrage at us, our book and the very ground we walk on.
Yes, dear avid reader Terhune appears to be capable of mistakes also... and this is especially so in regards to his claiming, as fact, that Jeanne De Recqueville's book “Rudolph Valentino” was never mentioned in any Valentino book. I addressed this in my previous two posts but today I share the following.
*I am sure he owns a copy of Donna Hill's book “Silent Idol”... and if he could scan her acknowledgment section, he will see she expresses gratitude to someone for having translated a portion of the book for her use.
My avid reader Terhune may stand corrected as he was wrong on all accounts as the book was indeed cited in every significant book on Valentino since De Recqueville published her book in 1978.

*As David Bret/Joey Jenkinson/Albert Morris now, predictably, accuses me of writing the message I posted which I received from someone... who, yes, was using the name of Gabriel Oak... I state I did not write that. The reason Bret makes the constant accusation of forgery and fraud is because this is and has been his MO for a decade.

In the past he posted long fake letters, which he wrote, to bolster his defamatory lies that I was arrested for cocaine abuse. He has engaged in long conversations on line with his other aliases trashing us and our work... He is in my expert opinion a diabolical master at the Facebook abusive practice of creating multiple identities in order to bully and deceive online.

For the record, if I write something it is by me unless I say it is not. I feel I have been clear about that here and in our podcasts. And when I state that something someone sent to me is preserved on a server; this authenticates the origin of the message and the recipient. In this way it could always be verified. Albert Morris/Joey Jenkinson/David Bret knows very well what this means... despite his increasingly incoherent attempts to construct a rational and intelligent post in which to register his tired and predictable outrage, outrage, outrage at everything I do, write or say.
I think both he and Terhune would be surprised to know just how much the encouraging voice of opposition to their actions and presence is growing. We do hear from people about this through our several venues and yes from time to time I do reprint a comment sent to us. Including this excerpt (below) from a comment we received on the same subject as it was discussed yesterday which read in part:

“Bret is not the only Terhune sychophant who fallaciously used De Recqueville's book to make his case Rudy was gay. Terhune forum flunky, Simon Constable, who created the Daven Affair blog, also took a page from Bret's twisted scribblings and erroneously coordinated De Recqueville and Leider to bolster his own contorted theories. Thanks to this translation, we now know De Recqueville disproves what Terhune's fan club believes. Perhaps Terhune would make much better use of his time critiquing his pals than trying to flyspeck the vast volume of serious work put out by you, Evelyn Zumaya and Renato Floris.”

And of course, hell yes ...I strongly encourage people to use an alias. Do Terhune and Bret/Morris/Jenkinson really think I would put anyone else in the line of their fire for writing encouraging messages to us? I think it is obvious what Terhune and Bret could and do to anyone voicing a peep of criticism of them or support of us... they ruin, subject folks such as ourselves to unthinkable levels of cyber bullying... and delight in burying people's good names, such as ours... in sick lies for the world to read.

I protect those wise and brilliantly knowledgeable Valentino scholars and admirers who take the time to read and write to us. Unfortunately because of Terhune and Bret's past, present and very public actions, protecting our supporter's identities from their retaliation is critical.
Tracy Ryan Terhune, keeper of the relics along with the absolute and unquestioning devotion of his faithful servant David Bret/Albert Morriss's's'/Joey Jenkinson....have long ago demonstrated what they do to people online. They continue to do this today.

And I purposely made that typo there just now for their benefit... in the very least it will give David/Joey/Albert something to obsess on. I actually feel sorry for them sometimes as they seem to be embroiled in their consistent states of outrage and hate... life is short and better I say to find your zen moment and be kind.