Saturday, May 23, 2020

More of Tracy Terhune and David Bret's Name-Calling, Defamation & Bullying

Today I respond to a rash of lies issued by Tracy Terhune and David Bret disguised as a review of our latest book; Renato's fine translation of Jeanne De Recqueville's “Rudolph Valentino”. I will always defend the quality and integrity of our work and do so today.

Cindy Martin filled us in on the relationship of Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret some time ago by explaining how Terhune controls as the “puppet master” and how he requires that Bret read his comments to him before he will allow Bret to post them on their designated blog which they run under my book's title to bully us. According to Ms. Martin's information, Tracy Ryan Terhune approved the following in his so-called “literary review” of our new book. It should be obvious to any thinking person that this is not a legitimate review.

As excerpted from Terhune's blog as a comment he approved for posting by David Bret where he refers to Renato as the following:

“....Enter 74-year-old Child Bill Hiccup- he of the oversized hats and ego: multi-lingual child star, lighting technician, Cordon Bleu chef, puppeteer and Firemen's Muse....”

And with this, the name-calling duo of mean-spiritedness, Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret have issued their stock trashing of our new book; a “critique” in which Terhune does little else but point out a misspelling and a few typos. Is this is all he was looking for in the book?

These two have greeted all of our books by pointing out typos along with their grossly over played litany of hate by calling every one of our books “fiction”, “over-priced”, etc. 

What Bret and Terhune fail to address is that this is the book which has been claimed for years to include proof that Valentino was gay and had love affairs with Andre Daven, Jacques Hebertot, etc. We found that the opposite is true. 

Bret initially claimed his source for saying Valentino was gay was Florey's “Magic Lantern” until we published a fine translation of that. With this proven to be a lie, he then claimed De Recqueville's book was his source as it was not in English. So with this now proven to be false...  Bret claims desperately there was some other, secret source;  another Florey manuscript (conveniently not in English) in which Florey wrote about “the real Valentino”.

I say this is another of Bret's tremendous lies because Robert Florey wrote Jeanne DeRecqueville in 1978 saying Valentino was not gay. It is far easier for Bret to say it was all in another invisible secret source somewhere (in a foreign language) which he can not reveal, than to admit he is straight up lying and has been for years. No one is believing this any more. And btw if his book's are selling so well as he claims (Amazon ratings say differently) then he better begin paying his bills; i.e. the defamation damages we won.

As I mentioned, upon translating the book, we found De Recqueville completely refutes that Valentino was gay and does this through personal correspondence with Hebertot, Rene Clair, etc. How much more definitive can a source be but the people who were there? 

Of course we did not rewrite Jeanne De Recqueville's book and correct everything because we brought the book out in English as she wrote it.. making it available to a new audience...but the content is the value of this book and as Renato pointed out, she was more of a witness than a biographer.

One would think that Tracy Terhune would express gratitude to us for making these foreign publications available in English and for spending the enormous amount of work hours putting the books together. One would think the Valentino family would welcome a new addition to the Valentino literary legacy and thank us for the contribution. One would think they might voice disapproval of the bullying that has and is going on in the name of their relative by Terhune and Bret. Their silence is complicity.

And I find it hypocritical for Terhune to be criticizing our new translation with someone like Bret who wrote what I believe to be the two most fictionalized and reprehensibly awful books on Valentino. I am still waiting for Terhune's manifesto length “critique” of Bret's two books; the last one dedicated to Tracy Terhune.

Terhune and Bret's angry and hateful diatribe posted today... reveals much more about them than it ever could about us or the book.

They have spoken in unison again to bully under the disguise of it being a review when the graphic history of Terhune's Affairs Valentino blog is disgusting and shocking. (see below) He can not pretend to be doing anything legitimate or worthwhile on that blog after how he has savaged us and our work their for 8 years and counting...and in light of the very few books Terhune has turned out I think we have been working hard and deserve a nod for that. I say to him that if he does not like our books or our translations then he can do some himself and realize what hard work it is.

When was the last time Terhune wrote a book, translated one or contributed anything but divisive energy to Valentino's memory? And I think we can scarcely turn to David Bret for any hope of the tiniest shred of truthfulness. This, a man whose books are page by page laughably laden with typos and errors... who once labeled a picture of Valentino's brother as his “great lover Andre Daven”, who produces no proof for his absurd claims regarding almost anything and no proof he ever knew anyone he claims to have known such as Daven, Dietrich, Garbo... all of them. Where is his proof? And his outrage at my saying this is not proof.

Terhune has every right to post what he wishes. But by posting it on that blog which he has sadistically used to divert traffic seeking information about us and our work,... this proves it is just more bullying. This blog is where he has harassed us with images of Jesus, Satan, threats in bold red letters and where he provides a platform for David Bret, who owes us over 40,000$ in unpaid damages for the defamation lawsuit which we won against him... this is where Terhune and Bret mock us, wish our impending deaths with their tick tocking … this is where Terhune posts his “review” today. The entire intention is obvious.

In closing in response to Bret's lie that Jeanne De Recqueville never mentioned Frank Mennillo is her book; I say this is proof Bret never read either book ...because in her 1978 edition on page 155 she writes about his presence at Valentino's death bed with his “eyes full of tears”, etc. We translate this on page 123 in our edition. So proof in my opinion Bret and Terhune just scanned for some typos to embellish their bully attacks. I also add that Yvonne Legeay, who was the sexual love partner of Andre Daven in 1923, met and knew Jeanne De Recqueville when they appeared together on a television show in France. Yvonne Legeay told Ms. DeRecqueville she knew Valentino and I for one am going to believe her... over believing the tired rantings of a bitter and known liar.

Here follows just a few of the images Terhune has used on his hate Affairs Valentino blog where he now posts his review... and I share a few of David Bret's characteristic images he has posted about me. In this I have responded. 

Some of Tracy Terhune's images used on the hate blog. (above and below)

Below two screenshots which were included as evidence in the defamation lawsuit we won against David Bret. These are public record housed in the Court of Asti in Italy. 

David Bret mocks the death of my father. 

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