Friday, May 29, 2020

In Response to Tracy Terhune's “Saints Over Satan” Image of 2/22/2018

I respond to Tracy Terhune's most recent claim we hate him and he is our victim with the following:

After he runs/administrates a vicious, designated hate blog under my book's title for eight years and counting,
After he runs/organizes, according to Cindy Martin, a syndicate of haters and a “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn” with the intent to do our business harm,
After he instills for years, a “mob mentality” in those he recruits in this campaign,
After he calls us names and chirps in anticipation of our deaths,
After he provides David Bret with a platform to post his lie-filled insanity about us,
After Terhune posts... and for years... threatening and disturbing images on the home page of that blog to greet people seeking information about my book (see below),
After he debases and defames us relentlessly, forcing us to respond and respond and defend and defend for years on end,
And much more....!
I would say that after all of this...logically Tracy Terhune can not expect anyone on earth to believe he is our victim. No one believes that. And I venture to say even he does not believe it... it is just strategy to harass us further.

Feeling smug in his choice of that tired old and cheesy Google Blogger backdrop of books on shelves… I guess posted in the hopes of giving an illusion he is learned (as in he read one of those books?)... he dares to pass that eight year old hateful and terrifying blog off as some literary critique. Fat chance...he fools no one.

Only the lowest kind of scum on earth would stoop so low as to publicly do all of those things and more I am very sure which I do not now about... and not own it. And is it not even lower still for him to accuse his actual victims of doing what he does to them... to him?

Shifty crooks behave like that... scheming their nefarious plans while thinking they are fooling everyone with a phony upright citizen exterior.

To me that is about as fake as a person can be. Does Tracy Terhune really think the Valentino world has not noticed? Well, I am pleased to say that many have.

Many people visit that blog and then write us absolutely furious about it. They encourage us to respond. People are not going to that blog for wit or wisdom because there is nothing there but hate.

The duplicitous Tracy Terhune mocks us...two 70's year old people and mocks our efforts. He bullies us mercilessly on that blog and has for many years all while presenting himself before Valentino's crypt reading the Bible as he basks in some keeper of the relics' aura. And without those relics to wave about where would he be in that regard?

I say over time the inevitable is happening. People are seeing through the phony veneer. What is Abraham Lincoln's famous expression?

“You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you can not fool all of the people all the time.”

Terhune might want to heed that advice. The disparity between his two personas...of the bible puncher and the behind-the-scenes most hateful blogger...well that disparity is diminishing. He becomes one.

And as far as us “hating” him, I find that ridiculous statement far more revealing about his feelings than ours. And in my opinion he is a victim... a victim of his own terrible personality.

Here follows another of Tracy Ryan Terhune's disturbing images he posted on the home page of his “literary critique”. I think his posting this image on his hate Affairs Valentino blog on February 22, 2018 at 11:15 a.m., also says way more about him than us.