Friday, May 8, 2020

More from the Ullman Archive

A few more images from the S. George Ullman archive. 

Lillian Gish refuses a script submitted by George in 1941

George Ullman's oldest son Dan, on strike shortly before his death. 

Dan Ullman, television script writer. 

Bee and George Ullman in 1975.

Bee Ullman in her later years with her sons, Dan on her right and Bob on her left. She slumped to her right due to the surgery performed in 1928 when she had tuberculosis, with a lung and several ribs removed. 

S. George Ullman was an honest man, wrongfully impugned to this day by the Alberto Valentino family and their online predatory surrogates. Ullman was 100% exonerated and this is not an opinion but a legal fact.