Friday, May 15, 2020

Cindy Martin & Tracy Terhune Together Again! Give Me A Break!

Following up on the “team's” D-Day force assault on my one post about my Fine Art America site... I have to add that today I received... from highly valued supporters.... links to other sites, even on Fine Art America where people are selling the same products with Valentino's image. Go figure.

Are Tracy Terhune, Cindy Martin, “Dallas Martin” and David Bret, etc. intending to police all of these so-called violators? Shall I send them the links so that can start trashing them all online as they have us in the past 24 hours? Well no, because they will not be going after anyone else on that issue because they really do not give one rodent's behind about that subject and target us and only us. In their daily trolling of our every word and deed, this is what they found to leap upon yesterday with which to once again broadcast their utter hatred of us publicly.

And today I was also in receipt of the entire transcript of the exchange on Tracy Terhune's Facebook Group, the transcript of an exchange he had with Cindy Martin. Wow... I thought... what happened here? There they were... feigning their superiority and outrage when they were just doing nothing less than trashing us again and spreading their hatred of us... again. And yes... as several people who read that revolting exchange commented; it is extremely apparent how desperate Cindy Martin is in her effort to return to the good graces of Tracy Ryan Terhune.

With the long history (over a decade now) of their seething, vicious posts, laden with lies and hateful rhetoric targeting Renato and I... it is the height of hypocrisy that Terhune and Martin feign having one square inch of moral high ground in this sad and gruesome story of their Valentino cult.

Cindy Martin, not so very long ago, messaged Renato and at length. She was in deep in some temporary phase of repentance and in those long messages she covered a great deal of ground in her truth saying...including telling us such things as her planning to serve Terhune with a restraining order demanding he close the blog he runs against us. Cindy Martin did not hold back when it came to the subject of Tracy Ryan Terhune, David Bret and the workings of their “syndicate of haters” which I refer to as a straight up cult by definition.

Now Martin has executed some high pitched reversal... to work feverishly to be welcomed back into that cozy band of haters. Again she seeks favor with the “leader” by hating us with all her heart and in this.. leveling up in his haughty estimation. Her effort to troll our every move in order to provide the cult's cause with fresh fodder with which they can reveal their hatred of us publicly again...and again... and they did yesterday and today just might be valuable.

I found it somewhat revolting though to have to witness her presentation of her plate of alms for the leader; this woman who recently accused Terhune of running a syndicate of haters, of brainwashing her and instilling a mob mentality on his dutiful followers and this included her I guess.

For in a string of messages she sent on May 29, 2019 she wrote the following affirmation, “Tracy knew very well that Simon knew who I was. Those two are now thick as thieves along with Donna Hill, and they are working against Evelyn.”

So there we had it. And how odd Terhune would chat away with her after she told us:

“Tracy knows I know some very damaging things about him and so does David Bret. Of course they will say its all lies.. past actions from them prove that... but Tracy is truly a snake.”

So there she was doing all she could to make the man she called a “snake” like her.

“Tracy Terhune is a master at manipulation,” she also wrote. I wonder, had he manipulated her again? Because how stunning to read she has apparently fallen once again under the spell of the magus of the cult. (Credit to Michael Morris for that tag)

“Simon has his little spies on my group, as does Tracy. Donna talks out of both sides of her mouth. Tracy has always been the puppetmaster. No one else has ever pulled the strings. Even David would read his entire statement for his blog to him before posting it.” and....“I told Tracy he was a bully and he unfriended me which suits me just fine.”

These are heavy revelations by Cindy Martin and sadly in light of her “Trash Evelyn and Renato” manifesto with Terhune today, I guess she never really left the bully cult fold.
But I add that her betrayal of the leaders of the cult went beyond Terhune and Bret...On 6-02, 2019 she wrote, “It is, however, my fault that I trusted a man (Terhune) who I had seen screw over others. I did not ever trust Donna Hill. That one I got right. “

And on 6-10:

“I did not organize any campaign against you. You are confusing me with Tracy and David Bret. What are you talking about with me organizing a syndicate of haters?? I did no such thing. That was Tracy and Bret.”

“Tracy, David, Simon and and (sic) that bunch continue their campaign against you.”

So in their vicious tete a tete today, they might feign shock and horror at any of our actions such as my thinking people might appreciate my Valentino artwork on some items...but I know damn well this has nothing to do with their shock about that, not at all.

These attacks are all about the fact that this past week we launched a new book. A bright, shiny new tome about Rudolph Valentino by Jeanne De Recqueville which Renato translated and which is now for sale @  And this is a book which threatens some major tenents of the cult dogma.

They are trolling us looking for anything with which to destroy us and this is foremost in their unhappy minds. And these actions are also because we are now recording every single chapter of Affairs Valentino on a designated podcast @ The book they have worked so feverishly to bury in their daily torrent of hateful lies and bombast.

All in all their last 10-11 years of bullying us in the hopes that Affairs Valentino would disappear has been a total and catastrophic failure. I can honestly say that at the present moment we are blessed to be receiving more positive and intelligent feedback and support from wonderful and enlightened Valentino afficianados than we ever have. I am so grateful for them all and let me say there are some extremely intelligent and knowledgeable Valentino scholars who are very disgusted with the status quo of the cult behavior on those groups especially and the cult control over those groups.

In my opinion they, "the team" are backstabbers after all. And where is the wisdom in that? They are not acting like noble warriors who greet you in a field of battle face on...but like those skulking miscreants who troll under their aliases to yes... stab you in the back.

Cindy Martin relates how she was not fooled by Donna Hill as I just cited. And I ask on the subject of subjugation... how is Ms. Hill still in the magus' good graces? She once told me how Tracy Terhune had and I quote, “Nothing” in regards to proof he claimed he had that Valentino was gay. How can Terhune still be chit chattin' away with her... as Martin relates they sure are... after Donna Hill told me to look out for Jim Craig and that those stolen Valentino probate court records were returned by Jim Craig to Jeanine Villalobos in exchange for one of Valentino's shirts? Martin told us that this was something Terhune told Hill in confidence and that it caused problems. Have these people no sense of loyalty even to each other?

And Martin did include Donna Hill in the line up in a message on 5-29 in which she discussed Eleanor Gribbin and the management of her group Mad About the Boy.

Martin writes, “Eleanor Gribbin and I used to work well together until she started the MAD group which I promoted and advertised on Rosella's group and then Simon got involved and so did Albert Morris. Now we see Eleanor, Simon, Bret (who goes by Albert Morris), Donna Hill, Christopher Riordan and Tracy along with their minions all ganged up on myself and my group.”
So there you have folks straight from Cindy Martin herself... the actual line up.

So why would Terhune embrace this idiotic trashing of us over the Fine Art America site I have.. and why with Cindy Martin; someone who called him a bully, a snake, a master manipulator, an organizer of a syndicate of haters? I guess I can only say I am sorry for people who are fooled by these backstabber's superficial bravado and nauseating conceit which is fairly dripping from their every word.

In closing I add that I am personally repulsed by pathos. And that is what I recognized reading Cindy Martin's sniveling grovel back to her “master manipulator's” he sits so smugly in his little corner of hell in the Valentino world.

She had every possibility of being the heroine of it all here by revealing who these people really are and how they operate and getting behind that revolutionary action and whole-heartedly...but instead she seems tragically to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome as she so openly preens along with and fawns over the very people she recently described as snakes, manipulators, bullies and basically her brainwashing oppressors, as in i.e. when she wrote to Renato, “I now see where Morris' words were manipulated by Tracy and I also see where Evelyn was right when she said I was being 'brainwashed'”.

I did not read every word of the ungodly mash up between Terhune and Martin today... but Renato did and he has this to add to this response:

(From Renato - Original Italian below:) 

I read with amazement Cindy Martin's hypocritical Tartuffian comments and Tracy Terhune's answers and I wondered: from what kind of pulpit does this sermon come from? From people who claim to be "politically correct" by accusing us of taking advantage of a disease, as if everyone is trying to make money, money, money? These are the same people who only yesterday called me "Child Star" (aged 74) almost as if it were something of which I should be ashamed, ashamed of being a "child actor" yes because I was a child and also an actor and additionaly because I dared to live so long to reach 74 years, SCANDAL!

Cindy Martin, who after having openly declared that she did everything to keep our books away from the sales shelves and after accusing me of taking advantage of a supposed impaired mental state of Evelyn... well these people are posting on a blog with the title "Affairs Valentino" specifically against Evelyn's book which is so hated by them and has been for so many, too many years, throughout which they never stop insulting and defaming Evelyn and myself. All the insults and defamation are supported by the collaboration of the master insulter David Bret who in terms of being offensive... is second to none.

How they dare to pretend to be scandalized and acting all innocent about something of absolutely little importance. This was just a response to a request from a friend, a sincere passionate follower of Rudolph Valentino and there was no exploitation of the now universal disease, but only a way, perhaps, to exorcise a difficult moment. I have little desire myself to wear a Valentino face mask but, rest assured, for me it might just become a powerful talisman.

I would also like to add that I asked Cindy Martin, who told me a lot about the misdeeds of Tracy Terhune and David Bret with her admitted complicity, of which she declared herself repentant, to simply give me confirmation of her identity. This since I have serious doubts she could be the kind lady of the image on her profiles. That's all, I simply expressed my doubts about her and her son... asking is lawful and answering is courtesy.

Cindy Martin promised me to send a photo of herself the next day holding one of Evelyn's books but not only she did not send it to me as promised but I received an insulting message from Dallas Martin. I have my photos posted everywhere and I don't hide behind the keyboard. I simply asked Cindy Martin to step forward and behave in accordance with what she told me a year ago and beyond. If she hides there should be a reason!

(In Italian - Renato's response) 

Ho letto con grande stupore i tartufeschi ipocriti commenti di Cindy Martin e le risposte di Tracy Terhune e mi chiedo: da quale pulpito proviene la predica? Da persone che pretendono di essere “politicamente corrette” accusandoci di approfittare del morbo che tutti attanaglia per fare soldi, soldi, soldi, le stesse persone che solo ieri mi hanno definito “Child Star” ( aged 74) quasi come fosse un qualcosa di cui dovrei vergognarmi, vergognarmi di essere stato “attore bimbo” sì perché sono stato bimbo e anche attore a cui si aggiunga a ulteriore vergogna il fatto che mi sono permesso di vivere così a lungo tanto da raggiungere i 74 anni, SCANDALO!
Cindy Martin che dopo avere apertamente dichiarato di avere fatto tutto il possibile per tenere i nostri libri lontani dagli scaffali di vendita e dopo avermi accusato di approfittare di un supposto, da lei, menomato stato mentale di Evelyn ebbene queste persone su di un blog avente per titolo “Affairs Valentino” ovvero quello del libro di Evelyn da loro tanto odiato ed esecrato ormai da molti, troppi anni, non hanno smesso di insultare e diffamare, con la collaborazione del mastro insultatore David Bret che in fatto di insulti è secondo a nessuno.
Con quale faccia fanno le scandalizzate verginelle per una cosa di assoluto poco conto, giusto una richiesta di un'amica, sincera appassionata di Rodolfo Valentino? Nessuno sfruttamento del morbo ormai universale, ma solo un modo, forse, per esorcizzare un momento difficile. Non volevo indossare la maschera di Valentino ma, statene certi per me diventerà un potente amuleto apotropaico.
Vorrei anche aggiungere che chiesi a Cindy Martin che molto mi ha detto delle malefatte di Tracy e David con la sua complicità, della quale si era dichiarata pentita, di darmi semplicemente conferma della sua identità visto che ho seri dubbi sia la gentile signora della foto dei suoi profili. Tutto lì, ho semplicemente manifestato i miei dubbi su di lei e sul figlio, chiedere è lecito e rispondere è cortesia.
Cindy mi promise di mandarmi il giorno successivo una sua foto con tra le mani un libro di Evelyn ma non solo non me l'ha mandata come promesso ma mi è arrivato un offensivo e insultante messaggio di Dallas. Io ho mie foto ovunque e non mi nascondo dietro le tastiere. Ho semplicemente chiesto a Cindy di venire allo scoperto e di comportarsi in modo conforme a quanto mi disse un anno fa e oltre. Se si nasconde ci sarà bene una ragione! Mi provi che sbaglio e la smetta, coi suoi compari, di spiarci per poterci attaccare a ogni piè sospinto.  

Renato Floris