Saturday, May 9, 2020

Listen to Affairs Valentino

It probably deserves little mention to the readers of this blog, but again I point out how vehemently my biography of Rudolph Valentino, Affairs Valentino has been lied about. Knowing I was marketing the book online, the “team” as they referred to themselves began to load the internet with lies about Affairs Valentino, about me, about my husband Renato Floris and many of our friends and business affiliates. This was all in an effort to bury the book they did and still do not want you to read.

Although I have spent the past decade of my life defending us from these lies and working to have the truth be known, it has been challenging at best.

We recently made the decision to record Affairs Valentino (“The Book They Don't Want You To Read”) on a designated podcast to ensure the book be forever disassociated from the lies. I remain passionate Affairs Valentino be known in a truthful light and I think, if it were possible, I would have walked door to door to hand out copies; "Johnny Affairs Valentino Appleseed"?  

Above all we are motivated to have the important content of the book be known and the story enjoyed and as soon as possible. For that was always my primary goal, to write an entertaining and documented book within the genre of narrative non-fiction.

David Bret has spent years crowing that there is “homophobia dripping from every page” and Tracy Ryan Terhune will tell anyone within earshot that Affairs Valentino is “Pure Fiction” and if he is in a particularly aggressive mood he will tell anyone within earshot Affairs Valentino is “Pure Trash Fiction.” Both of these men and their minions try and fail to portray Affairs Valentino, me and my husband Renato as something we are not. The book is documented, a labor of non-fiction with my sources always being made publicly available. New sources such as Valentino's probate court records, the testimony of the Ullman and Mennillo families, motion picture archives in the U.S and in Italy, Campbell's Funeral Home, etc.

Fiction is it not. I add we have just posted a link in the caption of each Affairs Valentino podcast installment which links to the 40 pages of end notes of the sources I used to create the story and narrative. And I say to Tracy Ryan Terhune that creating a scenario to contextualize a narrative, does not make it fictionalized. If I were to write a dramatic description of how I walked my dog this morning, it does not mean it did not happen. I worked hard to make Affairs Valentino truthful and interesting. The last thing I wanted to do was write a long and boring report on all the documentation I found. Who would read that? No one.

I hope in sharing the recordings of the reading of my book, the truth about the content will be more widely known.

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