Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Excuse Me...But Who Is the Liar?

In my previous post titled, "Those Letters To Florey", I mentioned how David Bret began pointing the finger about trying to convince me those "Valentino Diaries" were the source of gay material... actually claiming Valentino wrote about it himself. 

He first told me the Valentino Diaries were published by an Italian publisher and I fact checked that to find it was an Italian translation of the ghost written, PR piece, My Private Diary. And the book he is referring to was published five years after his book so it could hardly have been a source. 

As he later claimed he never said that to me, I post the following from his Facebook page in the spring of 2010. And fyi to Bret, "Edizioni" (as in Edizioni Lindau) is spelled with a "z" and not a "t".  And what a moment in history here... as he invokes Tracy Terhune. This excerpt used under Fair Use Guidelines to illustrate a point in this narrative.