Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A Partial Listing

In The Case Files of Rudolph Valentino, I included a section in which I shared some of our sources. In the interest of disclosure, here is the listing of the archives, which is a partial one compiled last summer. Despite this, Tracy Terhune, Donna Hill, Cindy Martin, Eleanor Gribbin, David Bret, Simon Constable, et al, have done their best to portray us as writing "fan girl fiction" and being lazy people who send out a team of researchers to comb through fan magazine archives. Their false statements about our work and our integrity have been a sickening constant in our lives for many years. 

I share the following in support of our honest, hard work. 

The comments I do not publish await in this file (see below) and are not refused because they express a different opinion but because they are personal insults, disturbing defamation and demeaning scoldings as repetition of tired old lines they have all memorized years ago. Regarding the 644th and 655th snipes, Leider's book imo is only their "gold standard' because she pandered to the cult by leaving Rudolph Valentino as gay and/or bisexual. That was all it took. Despite the book's impressive publication it is heavily referenced to fan magazines and has many factual errors as well as huge holes in the story left unaddressed. And I did not "build" the Cue book which is a publication deemed so reliable Jeanine Villalobos referenced it "heavily' in her PhD dissertation. Baltasar Cue was a respected journalist and not some gossip columnist.