Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Lovers Reconciled

The following quote seems a logical progression from the previous two posts, as excerpted from A Curious Life by George Wehner. What a fascinating character and how rewarding it was to get to know him while researching Astral Affairs. I could see why Natacha would trust him and be mesmerized by his calming presence. No, Natacha and George Wehner were not romantically involved; he was gay. But they were inseparable for a considerable time and he traveled with her after the separation. He was in the Hudnut chateau in France when news of Rudy's death reached Natacha. This is his eloquent and very personal testimony:

"Natacha was prostrated by the news. Those who fancy this much misunderstood child to be cold and indifferent should have seen her as I saw her then. Her genuine grief proved her great love for Rudy and her remorse at their misunderstandings and mistakes was heart-breaking to see.

I am convinced from my closeness to the true facts surrounding these romantic figures and regardless of what others might say, that Rudy was and ever will be the one real love of Natacha Rambova's earth-life.

I was happy that these two children of the limelight had been reconciled by their exchange of cables before death had stepped in. It made the final separation easier and Rudy made the Great-Change with Natacha's cable under his pillow."