Friday, June 3, 2022

"Which He Studied Religiously"

In regards to the previous posts, Valentino reading or not reading, his collections of books, etc., I share this clip from The Los Angeles Herald-Express, July 12, 1944 by George Ullman titled:

Dead Valentino Still Hero to His Agent, Real Rudolph is Divulged by Man Who Knew Him Best.

"Dodged Book Sets

Valentino was practically a chain smoker. He drank wines, loved good food, ate voraciously, cooked well and liked to cook. He appeared almost ordinary in golf or business clothes, was superb in anything approximating a costume, such as riding clothes, fencing apparel or lounging robes. He kept a large library of books with costume plates which he studied religiously. The remainder of his library was distinguished for rare volumes mostly in foreign languages. He hated sets of books and never bought them."