Monday, June 6, 2022

A Justified Response

I find it eons more than hypocritical of Tracy Ryan Terhune to threaten me... declaring I have to stop “attacking” him... while issuing his order on a designated hit blog he runs under my book's title where he quite openly bullys us every day. Wow. Based on my 20 years plus in this situation, I believe no one has ever attacked him for so long and in such a manner. He instead perceives the tiniest criticism and any peep of his victims' defending themselves... as an attack on him.

In my opinion he righteously deserves every single response he has been handed over the years for his unrelenting, disturbing and unwarranted attacks on us and others. People have and still do defend themselves from his attacks which have been documented in hundreds and hundreds of screenshots. These years of screenshots consistently reveal his gaslighting attempts to portray himself as a victim. In this he could not fool even the dullest mind.

He is riled up because Renato did write a letter to the Hollywood Heritage in response to seeing them sponsoring Tracy Terhune on their website. This was 2 years ago. Renato wrote Hollywood Heritage because their website homepage included a quote from Martin Luther King which was wildly wide of the mark as far as Terhune's treatment of us and others is concerned. Renato wrote an eloquent letter and it was 100% true, feeling they needed to know in light of their promoting Martin Luther King's wisdom on inclusion and tolerance.

I no longer bother to pick through Terhune's floods of vomit which he disguises as posts on the blog he has run for over a decade with the sole intent of diverting my traffic and defaming us. His lies do not deserve any detailed response and only reveal just how sore he still is over our successes, i.e. a radio interview.

This said there is one thing about Tracy Ryan Terhune which needs to be addressed today...

He has tried for years and years to portray us as being addled and senile... by saying we see him as our “perceived” enemy. Well FYI on light of what he does to us every single day, I clarify that there is nothing “perceived” about it at all; he is our enemy. Quite logically so in light of the evidence.