Sunday, June 12, 2022

Woof, Woof, Woof

After living in El Jadida, Morocco for three months, (hell) Renato and I loaded up our car (a small Fiat) to drive five hours through Moroccan wilderness to get to Tangier where we would board a boat home to Genoa. I will not speak for Renato, (he had a reasonably good time) but I was destroyed, (I hated wearing the hijab, etc.)

We pulled off the road at one point to let our little fur baby Leeloo have a bathroom break. But before Renato could even stop the car, we were attacked by a pack of huge wild dogs. They came out of nowhere and were biting at the tires, gnashing at the front bumper and it was terrifying.

Renato inched us out of the horror, but that feral pack assaulting our car came to my mind this morning as I pondered a fresh post. “Feral” would be the word I was looking for to describe those people, rushing at us everyday as a unified pack of irrational hatred/gnashing.

But the poor Moroccan dogs were no doubt starving and had nothing but their predatory instincts; we were food. The comments of the feral “Valentino Stalking Community” do not generate any sympathy. They have every advantage over those poor dogs and logically should act more civilized. This said, for me... it is a perfect metaphor.

I have come to the decision that it is not censorship to refuse publishing their comments. They will not get inside the car. Gnash away beasts.


  1. I tend to think of them more as feral swine...except for Witchipoo. The starved canine analogy fits in her case.

  2. They have every advantage over the dogs all right. One of them lives in government housing and is on public assistance due to mental instability.

  3. Sinatra's ToupeeJune 13, 2022 at 6:56 PM

    This experience sounds terrifying. Vicious dogs scare me to death.

    1. Oh I think it would be safe to say, few people on earth are more fearful of vicious or even large dogs than I am. Since many perceive tiny dogs as snacks, I have had a few run-ins defending my mini-pups.

    2. I would call the team "wolves ", dogs is too nice a word for them.