Wednesday, June 8, 2022

"Mrs. Valentino became a major factor in Rudy's success..."

Before I return the Joseph Henabery autobiography to the library, I wanted to share a few captures. Excuse the images I just grabbed with my phone but his tribute to Natacha's impact of Valentino's career is valuable in that he worked with her. Unlike the crass and pathetic puppet master's tagline which is so dutifully parroted by those who did not know Natacha ("she was the worst thing to ever happen to Valentino, yadda, yadda, yadda") Joseph Henabery takes the time to say the exact opposite and in this his quote stands imo as extremely important. 

I shared the title page in case someone wants to buy the book. I was fortunate to have found it in a library. And the image is one I had never seen. All of these images are the property of the Margaret Herrick Library. I share these for purposes of supporting the podcast, "Cobra's Curse". (And no I can not tell what Valentino is holding in that image).