Thursday, June 30, 2022

O'er the Hills of Gaslighting We Go

In April of 2014, Tracy Terhune, as “TRT96” posted the following (see below) on the blog he had then been running for about a year and a half under the title of my Valentino biography, Affairs Valentino. It was obvious from his day one after he opened the blog, that his intention was to divert my web traffic to find his defamation of me and mine.

Images used as a Fair Use excerpts from the blog thread for the purpose of illustrating this narrative.

Bearing in mind Terhune posts this on a blog he runs which is designed to deceive people googling my book's title and where he tries to gaslight those finding the blog into believing I am the villain. As Renato captured years of screenshots which I did not read, it was only today I read this post for the first time.

A few points for Mr. Terhune's information and I say better late than never:

1. I never threatened to disrupt his memorial service, I said I should show up, maybe bring some books to pass out. As far as I know it is a public event.

2. We did not fake our books being sold in the Turin book shop as he claims. They were being sold there.

3. And I did not use my blog when it was “expel my hate”. I used it for the same reason I use this blog; to save my reputation from Terhune's savaging and defend myself, my husband and our work.

4. Terhune's saying he never criticized me except for the Forewarning is preposterous. He writes that on a blog where the first posts he made were impersonating me and saying my book was “Pure Fiction”. And it got way worse from there as you all know; the mocking, the satanic images, the pigs, the connecting to Bret, the lies about me having a criminal past, etc.

5. And he does not seem to understand the concept of karma. If someone gets beaten up in the street, it is not their karma. They are a victim of a crime. It is as if someone steals your car and drives by every day tooting the horn and waving. Is that your karma? No it is not. His gloating... that I have to disavow any affiliation with the blog his partner in crime David Bret terrorized me into closing, is not karma... it is pure evil.

6. And yes I called him a Valentino cult leader but now I change that and call him a Terhune Cult leader. As he knows little about and has little to do with Valentino. Imo its all about him. And if you search definitions of cult leaders you will find I am not far from the mark on that one.

But Terhune's taking the time to call me “evil” and make sure that word was in red and bold is a telling and truly childish touch. I guess he wanted extra, red, bold emphasis.

But he is posting in the wrong place to demand credibility. From the day he opened that blog in 2012, it has been a trash hit blog targeting me, Renato and our work. It always was and it still is only that... now eight years later and counting. Who is he kidding?