Saturday, June 18, 2022

Mr. Ideman's Contribution

While sorting through the archives, I have been finding things I have not read in many years. Today, I found the article below... just this excerpt... and a quick review of this awful piece of iconic fiction by Kenneth Anger reveals many things are factually wrong.

The Fascist guard was not a stunt by Campbells, but arranged by con man Sterling Wyman.

Anger's statement they made Rudy's corpse "resemble a pink powder puff” is extremely homophobic and wrong. What does that mean anyway?

Rudy did not leave that single dollar in his will to “ex-wife” Jean Acker but Natacha Rambova.

Novarro did not own a black art deco dildo and did not keep such a thing on a shrine in his bedroom. And he did not receive any such thing as a gift from Valentino.

Another monument to Michael Morris' research was the total debunking of that myth in this letter (below) from James Ideman, the Deputy District Attorney who prosecuted Novarro's killers.