Tuesday, June 14, 2022

In Appreciation

In a comment left yesterday on the William Bianchino article, appreciation is expressed for his convincing Valentino not to move to Oklahoma and become a landscape architect.

I think there are others to appreciate who at various times, saved Valentino from sure oblivion. And in reference to the above article, I believe Valentino's career was saved in 1922, from a death by rampant yellow journalism.

Yellow journalism and yellow press are American terms for journalism and associated newspapers that present little or no legitimate, well-researched news while instead using eye-catching headlines for increased sales.”

I set the context for Valentino's precarious situation in Affairs Valentino, but found this article could have been the moment Valentino's career was truly saved; because of the timing. The Roscoe Arbuckle trials were headlines and despite his eventually being acquitted, the yellow journalistic attacks caused his films to be banned and his career to be ruined. Valentino knew Arbuckle, was certainly aware of the situation and could take no chances.

In Valentino's case, I believe he was saved from yellow journalism ruination and the banning of his films by the quick intervention of Doug Gerrard, June Mathis, Thomas Meigham and Marion Davies. Despite Valentino's nick of time salvation, the lies about Arbuckle were perpetuated.

Valentino narrowly escaped the wrath of the yellow journalists then, but I believe he is now a victim of the same tactics. With fictionalized books by David Bret... which are obscene undocumented porn... being supported by Tracy Terhune on his vicious blog against Renato and me, I find this a high level of yellow journalism in regards to Valentino's truth.

It seems a continuation of the same thoughtlessness and the sensational; i.e. the self-serving promotions (letting the faithful wear Valentino's ring at the memorial) all which nearly ruined Valentino's career in 1922. If Zukor and Hays bowed to the lies, the sensational and banned Valentino's movies, what would have been his fate?

So many distinguished people during Valentino's life, other than Mr. Bianchino...George Ullman, Teresa Werner, Natacha Rambova saved the day back then... and many fine people today carry on the interest in the decency of Valentino's story, respecting the well-researched, the legitimate and here, even on this blog, endeavor to save his legacy everyday from the yellow journalistic ravaging.

The innuendo, the statements made as truth when they are not, the narcissism and gas lighting, the gross fiction of David Bret sponsored by the man who emcees the memorial every year. How is this all not the same yellow journalism which ruined Arbuckle's truth, and which nearly took down Valentino in May of 1922?