Sunday, January 23, 2022

Was I Supposed to be Afraid?

Tracy Ryan Terhune posted the image below on the blog he runs under the title of my book, Affairs Valentino; the blog he has run for ten years where he works hard to do as much harm as possible to Renato and I and our books. It is there he bullies us as he has done consistently since August of 2012. He feigns legitimacy on that blog these days disguising his hateful diatribes as "literary critique". 

Back in 2018, Terhune was taking a darker and more Satanic approach to his harming us. (see below) I never could understand exactly what that was about. He was openly deceiving my web traffic into thinking it was my deranged blog, that I was therefore deranged and etc. etc. But apart from that malicious plan, what was he thinking?

In this post below for example. Who is supposed to read such a book? Why is he recommending it on his hit blog targeting us specifically? Was I supposed to be afraid? Does he consider himself a "saint", a "Holy Warrior"? Truth is I did feel afraid with these satanic posts because I consider anyone doing this to terrify us over a book they did not like... really unstable. 

Do I think his fake "literary critique" is less scary? No I don't because Tracy Terhune's ability to be mean is off the charts imo. I base that statement on facts supported by hundreds of screenshots. As I flailed away, year after year, coping and doing the best I could through despair, fury and panic.... I used every thing I could think of to make him stop and close that blog. Humor, debate, exposing what he was doing there so secretly. But it is obvious....

Satanic references posted on a blog by a malicious person openly trying to harm you... is not something that creates a peaceful state of mind. 

And to those who think we should just "get over it and "life is short". Life is short and I will spend that short time exposing the very wrong things Tracy Terhune has done and continues to do to us. I ask him again to close that mean and spiteful blog, apologize and move on. Having that blog up impedes our right to do a fair business and that imo constitutes a crime. Here is Terhune's post there from Thursday, February 22, 2018... Terhune posts under his known moniker TRT96. (Excerpt from blog used under Fair Use guidelines to illustrate a point in my narrative)